Irish Teen Dressed as The Joker Burns Down His High School for “Hypocrisy”

Nicola Donnelly writes in the Irish Independent:

A former school pupil dressed up as Batman character the Joker and set fire to the building causing more than €1m worth of damage, a court heard yesterday.

Christopher Clancy (19) of Cherrywood Grove, Clondalkin, pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to arson at Colaiste Chillian on the Old Nangor Road on May 10, 2009.

Clancy, who will be sentenced later, told gardai when he was arrested at the scene that he burnt the school down “because it is run by hypocrites and I didn’t like the way they treated my friends”.

Garda Liam Ganny told the court that Clancy, who had left the school the previous November, filled six large jerry cans with petrol and cut his way through a wire-mesh fence to access the school grounds.

He smashed in a glass door and proceeded to spill the contents of one can along the corridor. He then lit the petrol and escaped from the school. When gardai arrived at the scene they noticed a man dressed “in a purple suit, with green hair, a white face and red painted lips”.

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  • Rarian Rakista

    If it happened in the US they would of shot him.

  • VoxMagi

    Talk about overreaction…if every school staffed by hypocrites were burned down, we wouldn't have schools.

    The joker outfit was a nice touch…but if you're willing to live it, you kinda deserve to go out like it.

  • Haystack

    There wasn’t a day I didn’t fantasize about burning down my high school.

  • Haystack

    There wasn't a day I didn't fantasize about burning down my high school.

  • Archiemac

    He escaped a prison sentence…240 hours community service

  • Archiemac

    He escaped a prison sentence…240 hours community service

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