Jon Stewart On The Ground Zero Mosque

Is the Burlington Coat Factory hallowed ground?


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  • Gest

    The only church damaged on 9/11 was a Greek Orthodox Church … which has still not been rebuilt due to problems with a land-swap with the Port Authority .

    So the real question is: why do officials in NYC discriminate against the Greek Orthodox Church?

    • Nw15062

      I am truly ashamed to call myself a modern american, the average level of ignorance, and blindness to the facts is astounding. Let them build their community center, there is a large number of muslims in New York and deserve a place to come together. Religion and spiritual beliefs do not define a person their actions do.

      • muslimaussie

        Well said mate! Ignorance in America astounds the rest of the world.

        • Connie Dobbs

          At least we can get good porn and unedited Left 4 Dead 2. Ah America. Where you don't have the freedom to marry who you love, serve in the armed forces unconditionally, or build a non-christian church, but you can whack off and kill all the zombies you want!

          • 5by5

            Which is why we'll be leading a protest for Zombie civil rights (on September 11th of course). All are welcome, coffee and tea will be served in the Gandhi Room following the event.

            “Zombie civil rights, NOW! Zombie civil rights, NOW!”

          • Connie Dobbs

            Not all zombies.

        • justagirl

          which is precisely why they are tossing around the idea of building a mosque at ground zero.

          • Word Eater

            It is not *at* ground zero. If people would quit saying that, maybe some of the “ignorance” around the situation could be mitigated.

          • berg1928

            2.5 blocks is too damned close to Ground Zero – get it?

          • justagirl

            i not ignorant. >:(

        • John789

          Then you've got a pretty short memory when it comes to how Muslims are treated in Australia.

      • ShinyFriction

        You have to keep in mind that the average age of a FOX News viewer is 65. The “News” fed through our cable lines is entertainment directed at the older generations of America and often do not reflect the thinking of your average Gen X and Millenials, or “Modern Americans”.

      • berg1928

        No other mosques near that area? I believe that there at least a few nearby.

  • tonyviner

    Can we really trust the Jew run media?

    • Earbudcontender

      jon stewart is the man period.

    • Connie Dobbs

      it never stopped us before…

    • berg1928

      Can we REALLY trust a group of muslims so completely insensitive to most Americans as to even think of building a mosque 2.5 blocks from Ground Zero?

      • tonyviner


        • berg1928

          You go ahead but most of us won't!

  • justagirl

    i laughed HARD at the cheese-head. thanks disinfo!

  • Liam_McGonagle

    You know, I wasn't really sure how to take this at first. My first thoughts were:

    1. “Of all the places on Earth, why THERE?”
    2. “WTH? You couldn't have found any MORE EXPENSIVE real estate?”

    But after more mature reflection, I think it's possibly a GOOD thing. After all, if Al Qaeda wanted to run a sequel I tend to doubt they'd want to grease any mosques. What should happen is that folks build a ton of synagogues and churchs right next door. That'd be your irony for you.

    Oh yeah, and that tolerance and peaceful coexistence thang. You know, the one that reinforces shared institutions in a diverse society and makes democracy possible. It'd be nice to have some of that, too.

    • Cwadowney

      My understanding is that Al-Qaeda characters are perfectly willing to kill those they consider “heretical” Muslims.

      • Liam_McGonagle

        So if our choice is to accept the mosque as an insurance policy or accept it because they, like us, are victims of radical fundamentalist religion, I agree with you: The mosque goes up on the basis of Freedom of Religion. To do otherwise would be to surrender to Bin Laden. Thanks for clarifying, Cwadowney!

    • Jason

      Did you .. I mean seriously, did you watch the video of this wise man?

      Your whole post screams contradictio in terminis.

  • VoxMagi

    I love the difference between the footage of the actual site…a former Burlington Coat Factory in a neighborhood that is completely intact…

    …and the airborne shot footage on Fox of the actual site of Ground Zero running in the background while they blathered. Don't think they needed something more emotionally moving than a shuttered building in a quiet neighborhood that would generate construction work that so far seems to have escaped the Ground Zero zone, do ya?

  • Jason

    People are afraid. Ignorance and hate walks hand in hand with fear. Only I would like to see a nation that surpasses the dark ages. And I´m not pointing to the Middle East.

  • John789

    Then you’ve got a pretty short memory when it comes to how Muslims are treated in Australia.