Katrina: FEMA Chief Says Government Didn’t Tell All

Now he tells us! From AP:

Five years after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, the federal official at the heart of a firestorm over Washington’s slow response is acknowledging the government’s shortcomings. Former Federal Emergency Management agency director Mike Brown tells NBC’s “Today” show “there was a disconnect” about what the Bush administration was saying about the situation, and how bad things actually were.

Brown said “there was a mentality in Washington which says you put the best face on everything.” He said information given out by the administration was accurate, but “we never put it in context” with how much still needed to be done to lift the stricken city…

[continues at AP]


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7 Comments on "Katrina: FEMA Chief Says Government Didn’t Tell All"

  1. Brownie did a heck of a job.

  2. The disconnect happened when they gave the damn job to a former lawyer for the quarterhorse assoc. who did fundraising work for the GOP instead of emergency response pro from inside the field. The pathetic part is that you didn't really see any Dems screaming “Foul” until after the fact…which pretty much damns them for accepting business as usual nepotism appointees.

  3. The disconnect wasn't just between the administration and the public, but within the administration itself. I distinctly recall Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff being grilled on NPR over the appalling conditions at the New Orleans convention center. Mr. Chertoff denied any knowledge of civilians taking shelter in the convention center, in spite of every major media outlet covering the story. If he were being honest at that point, it shows a glaring incompetence on his part. If not, his attempt to cover it up shows an incompetence that crosses the line into criminal negligence.

  4. I'm just pissed that Michael Chertoff (Brownie's boss) never got properly spanked for his catastrophic role in the whole mess.

  5. Ray Nagin is an idiot. He deserves to be shot for his inaction during Katrina.

  6. Ray Nagin is an idiot. He deserves to be shot for his inaction during Katrina.

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