Let’s Get Lost With Dennis Hopper

Dennis Hopper

Since the death of Dennis Hopper, I’ve been searching and scratching in the lesser known spots of his career trying to get a better feel for the man. YouTube is currently home to a couple of beautiful treasures that have had me reading and viewing for weeks now.I finally got around to creating a new Sleepless Film Festival to showcase this bizarre double-feature.

The Last Movie is Hopper’s follow-up to Easy Rider. It won him the Golden Lion in Venice and promptly ended his career as a director when he got back to America. The other film is a documentary called The American Dreamer. ‘Dreamer archives the strange days that Hopper lived through as he tried to edit The Last Movie in the midst of an ongoing, hedonistic orgy at his New Mexico ranch.

With this episode, we are looking back on the career of the late, great Dennis Hopper. While we can’t resist re-visiting highlights from the maverick’s oeuvre, we are primarily cranking out these letters in the ether to shine a spotlight on a lesser known period that may represent Hopper’s creative peak as a director. Here’s a hint, I’m not talking about Easy Rider

Read more and watch The Last Movie and The American Dreamer here.


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  • http://www.joenolan.comm Joe Nolan

    Thanks for reposting guys. Love working with together with you in the podcasts and through the blogs.


    Joe Nolan

    • http://disinfo.com ralph

      Our please Joe. Great article. Ride on, Mr. Hopper…


      • joenolan

        I love working WITH together with you! :) I am in constant need of a copy editor. :)

        More to come.


  • dumbsaint


    Sorry to do this to you Frank

    • dumbsaint

      noo! I don't want to know what a love letter is


      • http://disinfo.com ralph

        “Blue Velvet” I think most folks would say is an OK film tribute, but the Nintendo thing? How about “Apocalypse Now” or even “Rebel Without A Cause” … ?

        Enjoy the Great Beyond, DH …

    • http://twitter.com/theEARLofSWIRL theEARLofSWIRL

      There's a great episode of the old B&W cop show “NAKED CITY” with a very young Hopper on his knees crying “Mommy, Mommy….”

      • joenolan

        Have you ever seen it online? There are a lot of Hopper bits and pieces out there. Despite his various exiles he made films for decades.

    • http://disinfo.com ralph

      Ugh, that Nintendo movie … Enjoy the Great Beyond, DH.


  • Anonymous

    Have you ever seen it online? There are a lot of Hopper bits and pieces out there. Despite his various exiles he made films for decades.