Media Complicity in Financial Crimes



When you connect the dots in your writing or look for deeper explanations behind the decisions of policymakers, marketmakers and media-makers, it’s easy to be dismissed as a conspiracy nut.

But forgive me for believing that those who serve interests have more clout that those that just speak out on issues.  There are hidden relationships that sometimes predetermine what stories get media attention and which do not.

I have a current film out, Plunder: The Crime of Our Time, taking on big media companies to task for what passes for coverage of the financial crisis. I have been asking why they weren’t paying attention, didn’t warn us about it, or investigate too deeply into how it happened.

When I discovered that dodgy lenders and credit card companies pumped more than $3 billion into media advertising that inflated the housing bubble between 2002 and 2007, I thought I had my answer.

Based on my own experience inside news networks, I could see that investigating advertisers in a tough economic climate was not exactly high on the agenda. It happens, but rarely.

Yet even I, as savvy as I thought I was, missed an important link that was hidden in plain sight—who owns the very media institutions I was railing against.

Guess what: many owners are the very financial institutions that should have been exposed. Media is a business tied into other businesses and driven by interlocking directorates by a not so invisible umbilical chord.

It took a a colleague, Barry James Dyke, author of Pirates of Manhattan to give me a little guided online tour into this reality via Yahoo’s Finance Site. It’s easy to access but usually only used by investors, not investigative journalists like myself.

I am not a stranger to corporate media ownership issues. Our Mediachannel even did a chart some years back showing how handful of media giants owned most of the channels on broadcast and cable outlets.

What we didn’t do then is what Barry Dyke was showing me how to discover: who owns those same companies.

Its all there, clearly available in easy to read charts to help you see how their stock is doing, On the left side of the chart, there is a section to click on called OWNERSHIP.

In the flash of a click, there is a display of who owns the company I used to work for: ABC News. This information is mandated by laws designed to insure accountability and protect investors.

The first category is  “Major Direct Holders.” At the top of the list is a former ABC News exec Robert A. Iger who owns 850, 790 shares. Under him are other biggies who were given or helped to buy stock, allegedly to incentivize them. These holdings complement and add to their already generous salaries.

In truth, its all a form of looting of shareholder value. Often these execs have more clout than the boards of directors they theoretically report to. Sometimes, it only takes a small percentage of shares to wield control. Together these insiders and what are called 5% owners own 7% of Disney with disproportionate influence.

The next category on the chart is Institutional and Mutual Fund owners.  They control 68%. And who are they? Fidelity, State Street Corporation, JP Morgan Chase and Company, Price T Rowe Associates etc etc.

The next category is “Top Mutual Fund holders” with the Fidelity Contra Fund owning 1.2 BILLION in holdings, more than 36 million shares.   In all l095, institutions own shares. But a few are more equal than others. The role that these largely unaccountable mutual funds play is rarely examined. Just listing their holdings doesn’t explore their influence.

Some mutual funds get an added benefit—access to employee retirement withholdings. So they are not just funding Disney but being funded by it with a guaranteed income stream even though the Funds often do not perform well.

Explains Barry Dyke, it’s about control, “mutual fund companies get other peoples money through payroll deductions on their 401(k)s, and those fund companies, and the funds they control, own large  stakes in companies like Disney.

Through lobbying, essentially with the Pension Protection Act of 2006, employers are exempt from liability-fiduciary responsiblity as long as they  use a mutual fund, a target date mutual fund more specifically. So employers

are exempt from liability, mutual fund companies are exempt from liability  from the get-go, and do a lousy job of looking out for shareholders.” What he means here is there returns have been low—and many have blown up.

Back on our list, there follows  “insider transactions.” Some of the information is considered N/A—Not available. Why is that?

I was at ABC News, and available, when Disney swooped in to buy the company in 1995 for $19 billion. It had been for sale for $11 billion just two years earlier. The deal was the largest media merger in history to that point and the second largest sum of money ever paid for a U.S. company.

Back in l940, Walt Disney had first sold stock to lower the debt. The newer Disney took on billions in debt to finance its deals. Where did the money come from?

Why, no surprise, the Wall Street banks and financial institutions they work with. Call it synergy, but not of a kind that leads to better programming or media responsibility.

The final phase out of ABC occurred at a final shareholders meeting I attended in a New York TV studio on January 4 1996.  I wrote about it in my book, The More You Watch The Less You Know, noting that the vote to sell the company to the “Mouse House” (and, in the process, enrich its shareholders) passed by a vote of 121 million to 437,000. It was only after the deal was done that questions from the floor were permitted.

So much for corporate democracy.  I managed to get a question in—called on as “the man in the back of the room.” It annoyed my bosses.

I asked the former Chairman of Capital Cities, the first company to acquire ABC and then ABC’s departing leader, if he was “concerned” about what the merger would mean for our democracy. (One of Cap Cities’ founders and principals was the nefarious Iran-Contra conspirator William Casey who became Ronald Reagan’s secretive CIA Director.)

There was no concern about my concern. My question was ridiculed and dismissed by Chairman Tom Murphy who said,  “Am I concerned. No, I am not concerned.” Murphy had earlier told Charlie Rose that he enjoyed winning. He was asked what that meant to him. “Making money” was his response. “Whoever makes the most wins. That’s how we keep score.”

In sharp contrast, media historian Robert McChesney was concerned, very concerned, writing later:” A specter now haunts the world: a global commercial media system dominated by a small number of superpowerful, mostly U.S.-based transnational media corporations. It is a system that works to advance the cause of the global market and promote commercial values, while denigrating journalism and culture not conducive to the immediate bottom line or long-run corporate interests. It is a disaster for anything but the most superficial notion of democracy–a democracy where, to paraphrase John Jay’s maxim, those who own the world ought to govern it.”

Disney went on to acquire more stations. Their network now includes 200 affiliated stations reaching nearly 100% of all U.S. television and 277 radio outlets at last count. And they publish books, magazines, and financial and medical services information. The journalism they offer has noticeably declined.

Just one recent example:  towards the end of August, ABC News reported on new credit card rules, dryly reciting the new disclosures mandated in the new “reform” law. They did not mention that nothing was done to cap interest rates or, as the Wall Street Journal reported the next day, the banks and credit card companies had jacked up the rates despite the flagging economy and the fact they can borrow money at record low rates.

Why was that? Could it have anything to do with the interests of those who own Disney, ABC’s parent company? You tell me. (Disney, by the by, offers its own credit card.)

Media companies always insist no one tells them what to do, with Fox News perhaps the most glaring and candid exception, considering Rupert Murdoch’s ideological leash. Even as the Nets cover the money in politics that buys laws and rents politicians, they insist no one ever influences their coverage decisions—not investors, not advertisers, and certainly, not viewers.

Obama, it is said, did Wall Street’s bidding because of all the money they shmeared on his campaign. But do the companies that own and control media with billions at stake have any say in what does and does not get in the news?


Filmmaker and News Dissector Danny Schechter edits
For more on his film Plunder: The Crime of Our Time and companion book The Crime of our Time, visit

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  1. Funny to me how with one breath, Disinfo's all like, “check it out, yo: corporations are eeevil. corporations want to, like, take over the world and shit, and we gots to stop 'em.”

    Then with the next breath, Disinfor's all like, “buy our merch, dawg: we gots books and stickers and t-shirts and gimcracks with our impish devil head logo. And don't forget to click our Google Adsense banners, dawg, cuz Domino's Pizza has a two-for-one sale to feed all y'all who worked up a sweat raging against the machine.

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    • Even us pinko-commie-devil worshiping-s.o.b.'s need to eat and pay rent. we live in your bullshit capitalist society and our hands are forced to at least minimally comply if we want to survive. i'd rather Disinfo sell books that educate than bombs that eradicate.

    • Thanks for taking the time to read what's in the links at the bottom of the site. Hopefully you've had a chance to look at some of the other links.

      With your frequent advocacy of the free market, we'd think you'd believe there is room for a company like Disinformation in the grand marketplace of ideas … so uncertain what point you're trying to make.

      • He's just trying to insult and discourage those who are open to information that undermines his ideology, and provide easy routes of denial for those who share his ideology and stumble upon such information. In a way it's a kind of psy-op.

    • Well…I'm just glad you finally found the TOS. It appears that, in the absence of an actual point, you've just posted this to harp on the irony of people supporting a website by selling things while bitching about gigantic financial institutions using their influence to reduce the severity of negative media coverage.

      Unfortunately…your sense of irony needs a trip to the shop for a tune-up. Irony can be found more easily in a situation where, for instance, a proponent and defender of neo-con financial policy lashes out against anyone engaging in capitalism as a means of support…because the topic at hand is unquestionably evidence that the end result of his believed in and ballyhooed policies is collusion and improper influence over media.

    • The corporate press is exercising propaganda. Notice the article is critical of the corporate press. Do you really think the corporate press would be critical of itself and expose its agenda. Get real.

  2. Liam_McGonagle | Aug 30, 2010 at 10:40 am |

    Yeah, media concentration in the hands of fiancial speculators is a big part of it. But don't let Joe Q. Public off the hook too easily either. The fact is, as a culture we've become lazier than sh*t. If it doesn't come prepackaged in cancer-causing plastics so that we can shove it in our maws within a quarter of the time it'd take to preheat the oven, it just won't sell. People want quick, passive solutions.

    High maintenance phenom like Democracy aren't too popular, especially with the Tea Bagger crowd. Much easier, simpler for them to stand around with big empty grins and wave flags while they surrender our Constitutional Rights instead of taking the trouble to actually read the Constitution.

    Then of course there's “geniuses”, the likes of which I don't have to mention by name here, who squander what little brain power they may have been born with trying to craft apologia for the traitors like Grover Norquist and Richard Rahn who have vowed to replace American Liberty with Corporate Serfdom. How's about that for 'Service with a Smile'?

    Ah, it's a mad, mad world.

  3. Every news has it's slant, but a hidden slant in favor of commercial interests makes for crap news. Plus there's a bunch of trivial news stories that gets created to entertain the masses, but aren't really news.
    Some of the government news (eg, Canadian CBC news) has less of a slant, but it's not perfect neither.
    If ever you want to know what kind of slant is in your news, compare the coverage from different news sources – sometimes it's so different it's entertaining. Also checkout non-American news sites for coverage of American news – it can be pretty different too.

  4. It's a well established truth that media conglomerates inevitably move to direct coverage in ways that maximize ad sales…which is the backbone of their income. What I like here is that Mr Schechter has done a nice job of illustrating how close the actual physical links between Wall St and big media have really become. Project Censored exists for this very reason…because a purely for profit driven media by its very nature cannot adequately serve the public interest unless it constantly monitors itself for bias and adjusts accordingly…and ours makes very little effort to deliver unbiased information (be it left or right…it all winds up filtered through the lens of 'How will this affect us financially.”) Pushing relentlessly to expose major media as grossly biased…and keeping alternative media sources alive and operational…is the soul of the struggle to rebuild and maintain now failing systems that were once at least semi-competent at delivering information.

  5. myth_slayer | Aug 30, 2010 at 8:27 pm |

    I applaud Mr. D's excellent article.

    I am not taking issue with anything he said, but wish to respectfully simplify something (sorry for being repititious).

    The way it works: some foundation, think tank, phony poll or phony wire service, trust, astro-turf outfit, etc., owned by either Peter G. Peterson or David Koch (it has become most transparent of late that it is either one or the other of these two jackhole billionaires) spews forth some nonsense nonissue of no content, and the five or six media-owning corporations directs their “news” outlets to churn this crapola over and over and over.

    Or, if on occasion something like a real story accidentally creeps in the news (e.g., warrentless wiretapping), then Spanish-language radio stations (owned by Peterson's Blackstone Group) will organize nattion-wide immigration marches to knock it off the front pages.

    They really do manipulate the eff out of everything.

  6. Before Bush Jr became Resident at the White House the media has always said waterboarding was torture. Since Bush Jr began using waterboarding the media stopped regarding waterboarding as torture.

    The media's first black eye was the coverage of the Vietnam war. Most people still believe that it was south vs north Vietnam war when it wasn't. The real reason for the war was this: The United States did not want an election in that country because they knew Ho Chi Min would win easily. To prevent the election from ever happening the United States entered the country and started killing Vietnamese period. That's right it didn't matter if you were south or north you were Vietnamese and you were a target. The idea was if Vietnam wanted an election they would have to kick the Americans out of the country. This message is what the U.S media did not want to report.

    The Pentagon Papers let the cat out of the bag.

    The media conned the people into thinking they had an objective media when the Nixon crime was reported. But that objectivity quickly ended. Since then the media has been a self censored piece of crap pushing the Conservative agenda of rule by money and power only.

    The irony? The American Revolution brought us Freedom of the Press and this very press is turning lying to the people, hence making the Revolution pointless. Meet the new boss same as the old boss.

  7. He’s just trying to insult and discourage those who are open to information that undermines his ideology, and provide easy routes of denial for those who share his ideology and stumble upon such information. In a way it’s a kind of psy-op.

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