Meet Your Surgeon: I, Robot

I wonder how its bedside manners are? Probably less important than that it presumably is not subject to human error, hangovers, working without sleep for days, etc. From Fast Company:

Paging Dr. 3PO. One day soon robots could performing routine procedures in the OR.

Bioengineers at Duke University announced yesterday that they’ve created a robot that can “locate a man-made, or phantom, lesion in simulated human organs, guide a device to the lesion and take multiple samples during a single session,” all without a doctor’s supervision. Researchers hope these developments could one day lead to robots working autonomously on basic surgical operations.

Nicknamed the Biopsy Bot, the robot relies on 3-D and ultrasound technology for its movement. The ultrasound scans serve as the robot’s “eyes,” enabling the doc bot to locate its target. With advanced artificial technology, the robot processes the 3-D data and sends out specific commands to its mechanical “arm” and “hand,” devices that examine lesions and are able to take samples.

So far, the next-gen surgical robot has been 93% effective in its most recent tests, and researchers at Duke are confident about the robot’s viability…

[continues at Fast Company]


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