Obama and the Collective Psychological Meltdown of Fox News

By Jason Easley at Politicususa:

As President Obama’s first term moves along, Fox News is becoming more and more detached from reality. It used to be that FNC would broadcast stories that might have had a small basis in truth, but FNC has mirrored the slow psychological destruction of the Right, until all that remains now are delusions, dreams and conspiracy theories.

Fox News has gotten so desperate to bring down Obama and the Democrats that they are making up absolutely implausible stories. For example, the recent claim on Fox and Friends that Obama and the Democrats are planning a special tax hike just for Red States. Here is the video from Media Matters:

Fox and Friends host Steve Doocy asked guest Andrew Napolitano, “So New York’s Democrat Congressman Jerry Nadler is proposing that we raise taxes only in Republican red states. Come on, is that constitutional?”…

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  • Your Mom

    Fox News is out of touch with reality?

    Fox News was the ONLY major television news outlet to cover the 1999 murder of 13-year-old Jesse Dirkhising, who died of suffocation was drugged and sodomized by two gay men. The other major media outlets were seemingly reluctant to detail news depicting gay men as despicable villains.

    So if you like raping and killing 6th graders, everyone but Fox News will give you a pass.

    • http://disinfo.com Majestic

      Your comment does not really address the point of the story, but regardless, if you'd like to see stories that portray FNC in a more favorable light please feel free to submit them.

      You might first want to watch a film that we distributed a few years ago called “Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism” (http://www.outfoxed.org/) for some pointers on the shortcomings of your preferred news source, though.

      Thanks, as ever, for the vast amount of time you spend on our site.

    • E.B. Wolf

      Interesting how you have to go back eleven years to find an example that supports your position.

    • Hadrian999

      there were 16 murders in my city this year, no major news outlet reported them……OMG its a conspiracy

      • HardonCollider

        So being gay is a religion? Also not that i like the point she is making but the gay rape is an M.O. in “cop lingo” so it is worth too report.

        • Hadrian999

          not gay, couldn't answer for what it is, to me it seems just another arbitrary dividing line we use to hate one another, we all want to believe our lifestyle is perfect and to correct others who disagree, but using a horrific murder to attack homosexuals is in just as poor taste as it would be to use BTK to attack church deacons. being a homosexual doesn't make you a rapist anymore than be heterosexual does,
          we have some sick cruel people walking the earth using their notoriety to advance political agendas
          is despicable and one would hope no news agency would stoop to that level, sadly we know better.

          • fart

            So if i said an African American man is suspected of killing a man in my neighborhood. Would that just be to divide? c'mon

          • Gemmarama

            if you worked for fox news it would.

          • Hadrian999

            depends on the context, what is relevant on local news is grandstanding in the national news.

        • Hadrian999

          pretty much every murder would be an M.O. in cop lingo, should we report every murder on the national news?

          • Ghost

            You have no idea what MO means do you you could have asked or googled it. M.O motive and objective, and that would be raping lil boys for those two. I am sick of this new pc crud, if a christian killed a man because he was purifying the land of Muslims would it be worth sating he was christian? i say yes… I bet your one of those people that could have a white friend Brandon and a black friend Brandon and to distinguish between them in conversation you wont use color…. so pc …. LOL

          • Hadrian999

            actually MO means 'Modus Operandi but think what ever you like in your world.

          • tryagaom

            Modus Operani is latin for “method of operating” = motive and objective and once again that would be gay rape of boys. wana try again?

          • Hadrian999

            motive and method aren't the same thing. motive=why method=how
            how something is done is independent of why it is done and the objective of the action. a killing done for the gay rape of boys isn't anymore news worthy than a killing done for the straight rape of girls or the robbery of an atm.

    • Andrew

      Come now, I know you're upset, but you have to construct your red herrings more carefully. Centrist media have obviously covered pedophiles and child murderers before, so what you meant to say is, “So if you're a FAG, everyone but Fox News will give you a pass.”

    • Your Kid

      Stop, mom, you're embarrassing yourself.

      • justagirl

        actually, i think “your mom” is doing quite well. i wonder what he/she does with all these replies. it certainly isn't for argument's sake. i'd like to say, “good show” but… yawn…

    • Gemmarama

      dude, you are the one who needs the reality check.

      the kind of incident you speak of is highly unrepresentitive. very few children, statistically, are abducted, abused or murdered by strangers, male/female, gay/straight. the vast, overwhelming majority of cases of child abduction, abuse, and murder occur in the home and are perpetrated by relatives of the child. so perhaps the real issue here is how fucked-up the conventional, christian, nuclear familt set-up that you seem to support is, no? and let's not even start on the church…

      i'm guessing daddy probably touched you when you were a kid and the filthy, odious, hateful venom you spout is your way of dealing with the pain… well get over it.


    • Haystack

      Fox goes out of their way to report anything that fits their narrative of white, heterosexual, Christians being persecuted. by various out-groups. If bad guy was a mid-western pastor instead of a couple “gay men,” would they have chosen to focus on it?

      • http://voxmagi-necessarywords.blogspot.com/ VoxMagi

        Worse…Fox ran that story to death at that moment years ago not because of its intrinsic worth…but because the Matthew Shepard killing had just taken place and they needed a political counterpoint to reduce sympathy for gay people. If they hadn't needed an extra shocking story for political purposes it would never have made air time (like most sex crimes in the US…too horrifying to air regularly so people would just turn off the news…which is antithetical to a TV stations purpose…selling ads)

  • Mr. Cooper

    OMG this is such a meltdown! What are you guys talking about? Someone put a proposal out like that so it's not like they're just making things up. And they're laughing as they talk about it and clearly see it as a joke that will never pass… is this all you can come up with?

    And that guy in the second segment makes sense… why would someone that makes $50,000 in Arkansas pay the same taxes as someone who makes $50,000 in New York? Those are completely different salaries because of where they live even though it's the same amount of money…

    • Connie Dobbs

      A-FUCKIN MEN! NYers have to make about twice what the rest of the country does so they can pay rent.

      • Haystack

        And we know how much red staters hate the redistribution of income. As a New Yorker, I'd be happy to pay less tax so people in Kansas can live according to their individualistic principles.

        • Collective Wisdom

          Is not equality for all the collective way? Why not an flat tax rate that means a lot less for some and a lot more for others. You cant afford NYC, move to where you can feed yourself maybe still in new york state.

          • Connie Dobbs

            Because I'm not trained in the arts of burger flipping or gas pumping.

        • Too Indulgent

          No, red staters do NOT hate the redistribution of wealth..Their political views seem to facilitate the transfer of wealth from all the “little people,” to those already at the top of the wealth curve by fiat of their God, the invisible hand of the free market, which is a fancy way of saying “Those with the fattest wallets rule over the rest of us” and the only recourse we “little people” have is through the democratic governmental process, but they want that weakened as much as possible.

  • B W Alda

    They make a statement that ends with a question mark all the while smirking to themselves like a bunch of frat boys. It's done so often on Fixed Noise that it's second nature by now. It sure beats having to do journalism, and it makes their audience happy.

  • your so cute

    Now this is entertainment. Fox is like the short bus of news net works. Honestly Television is one of the last sources of information we should be using.

  • http://voxmagi-necessarywords.blogspot.com/ VoxMagi

    You could spend the rest of your life watching clips of ignorant and misleading information from Faux News…it's pretty much their stock and trade…if you take that away and turn the sound off all they've got are stodgy men and blond women with big knockers looking sassy while they insult the target of the moment.

  • guest51

    Fox News might as well run a story about how everyone who doesn't make more than $250,000 a year are outcast and mutants.

  • Christa

    Okay, I understand the bit about Faux news – but what's wrong with delusions, dreams, and conspiracies? Isn't that why we're HERE?

    • Connie Dobbs

      I dunno what you're here for, but I'm here to find a husband!

      • Haystack

        I hear “Your Mom” is eligible.

  • Too Indulgent

    Man, I hate Fox News..It sucks so badly.

  • Hadrian999

    motive and method aren’t the same thing. motive=why method=how
    how something is done is independent of why it is done and the objective of the action. a killing done for the gay rape of boys isn’t anymore news worthy than a killing done for the straight rape of girls or the robbery of an atm.