Sci-Fi Private Jets Of The World’s Dictators

British photographer Nick Gleis specializes in documenting the elaborate private jets that belong to African dictators and other heads of state. The Telegraph has a slideshow of his photos of plane interiors that resemble science fiction rendered in real life. I’m guessing, your leader’s having one of these insanely-ornate luxury jets probably corresponds with living in a country that’s not in great shape.


  • Your Mom

    Y'all know, of course, that “African dictators” are Communist, dontcha?

    “The Shadow of the Sun,” a 2001 book by Polish diplomat Ryszard Kapuściński, explains in great detail how Africa remains mired in poverty because it was the only continent in the early post-colonial era (1950s and '60s) where communism was widespread. The Russians and Cubans promised equality and freedom to the people of Angola, Mozambique and Ethiopia … but, as usual, the communists actually brought brutality, genocide and poverty.

    • Word Eater

      Communism would be awesome if it didn't involve people and human nature.

      • Andrew

        Capitalism too would be awesome if it didn't involve people and human nature.

        • Pier

          Well yeah, the problem is not the system… it's always human nature

          • Gemmarama

            your idea of human nature is a construct.

          • Tuna Ghost

            YOU'RE a construct

          • Gemmarama

            well yes, you could argue that…

    • Connie Dobbs

      You realize that's not communism, right? If it were, there'd be no dictatorship. true communism is egalitarian, never totalitarian.

    • Hypnos1

      It seems to me Cuba primarily exports doctors, cigars, and rum. The United States and transnational corporations based out of the US have very successfully exported brutality, genocide, and poverty to africa, the middle east, southeast asia, and south america. Cuba and Russia utterly fail compared to the successes of entities like the Pentagon, the WTO, and Exxon.

    • Gemmarama

      more brutality, genocide and poverty than us brits, the french, and assorted other colonisers and slave-traders inflicted on them over the hundreds of years previous to that..?

      by the way, does the white persian can come included with these things?

      • Gemmarama

        cat. i meant cat. oops.

    • Haystack

      It's true. These kick-ass, stylish jets are owned by Communists.

      Sign me up.

  • mind-theft

    ugly.. just ugly..

  • Gemmarama

    well yes, you could argue that…