Taiwanese Animation Takes On The Ground Zero Mosque Controversy

Taiwan’s Next Media Animation presents another in their series of incredible CGI renderings of U.S. news events, this time doing an overview of recent Islamophobia in America, including the anti-ground-zero-mosque protests, proposed Koran-burnings in Florida, and (the highlight) Barack Obama as an evil crypto-Muslim.

  • perniciousknid

    This really creeps me out. Like a sims game that has replaced reality proper. But then again, I sometimes think we are living in a cartoon world.

  • justagirl

    english subtitles… wise elbows.

  • Simiantongue

    @00:24 They show NYC up near Lake Ontario? I had no idea they moved NYC up there. Learn something new every day.

  • http://twitter.com/Egyptianflavor John Waller

    Second Life?????????

    • Gemmarama

      all i can think of is GTA…

      but hey, that's how it all happened, right?

  • Gemmarama

    all i can think of is GTA…

    but hey, that’s how it all happened, right?

  • Anonymous

    “Ground Zero Gay Bar” built right next to the Ground Zero mosque?

    I’m sure its a joke but I’d consider paying money to attend that fabulous grand-opening gala…….