Why Did the Nazis Film the Dying Jews of Warsaw?

unfinished filmSharon Waxman on her blog WaxWord:

In a French-themed café a block from the teeming beach, producer Noemi Schory explained why her new Holocaust documentary, “An Unfinished Film,” did not deserve the R rating that the MPAA handed down last week after a final appeal.

Yes, she said, the film has shocking images: corpses on the streets of the Warsaw Ghetto, starving children, a mass grave. And some nudity: naked men, and then women, entering a ritual bath.

It is a harsh film, even a brutal one. But it is also an historical document that until now has been unseen by the public, and whose purpose remains a mystery.

“I am upset about (the rating) theoretically, and practically this will create difficulties,” she said, ignoring an iced lemonade. “It puts up another obstacle to seeing it. “

With whichever rating, ‘An Unfinished Film’ is not a typical Holocaust documentary. Instead it investigates a mysterious Nazi movie production, a 30-day shoot inside the Warsaw Ghetto conducted by three Nazi film crews, shortly before it was liquidated in 1942.

The film is far too elaborate to have been a mere newsreel propaganda exercise.

There were many staged scenes of “wealthy” Jews living opulently inside the ghetto, juxtaposed with the degradation of the poor Jews there dying of starvation and disease…

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4 Comments on "Why Did the Nazis Film the Dying Jews of Warsaw?"

  1. The Nazis loved to record everything they were doing. Every last bit they could. Their dream was a world free of Jews where they as pure Aryans could look back on their accomplishment of having gotten rid of all the inferior people. They would have museums just so you would be able to look back and say “boy, I'm glad they're gone” and “we did the best we could to get rid of them.” They also needed to make some nicer stage films as propaganda to either convince the rest of the world that the Jews were ok while they continued the slaughter or to convince others that the Jews were the enemy of mankind.

    The evil movements of the world always seek to revel in their actions. Which makes it all the more strange when people deny what they're doing or the things that happened.

  2. Vox Penii | Aug 15, 2010 at 9:15 pm |

    The Holocaust didn't happen. It's all a Zionist plot.

    Don't believe me? Ask Obama's buddy Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, he'll give you the true story.

  3. Gemmarama | Aug 16, 2010 at 10:04 am |

    because it was like porn to them?

  4. Gemmarama | Aug 16, 2010 at 5:04 am |

    because it was like porn to them?

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