Will Amazon Push Ads into eBooks?

Kindle 2. Photo: Jon 'ShakataGaNai' Davis (CC)

Kindle 2. Photo: Jon 'ShakataGaNai' Davis (CC)

A book editor at Houghton Mifflin argues ebook advertising is “coming soon to a book near you.” Report in the Wall Street Journal:

Amazon has filed a patent for advertisements on the Kindle, and the book editor joins with a business professor in today’s Wall Street Journal to make the case for advertisements in ebooks. Book sales haven’t increased over the last decade, and profits are being squeezed even lower by ebooks. According to another industry analyst, Amazon is being pressured to make ebook sales more profitable for publishers, party because Apple offers them more lucrative terms in Apple’s iBookstore. One technology site notes that Amazon’s preference seems to be keeping book prices low, and wonders whether consumers would accept advertising if it meant that new ebooks were then free?

Meanwhile, Ralph Lauren has confused the issue even more by publishing a “shoppable” children’s storybook online – narrated by Harry Connick, Jr. – prompting a fierce reaction from one ebook site. “I hope it’s the last. Books are one of the last refuges in our world from the constant cry by advertisers to spend money and fill our lives with unnecessary things.”…

[continues in the Wall Street Journal]

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  1. Well…it will be an important lesson for people when they realize their personal portable library is at the mercy and convenience of the corporation who can change the terms of the deal whenever they see fit. Wherever profit is the sole motivator…shit will go horribly horribly wrong. Not always right at first…but inevitably, like a mountain being ground down into the ocean by beating waves.

  2. “One day Gregor Samsa awoke to find himself dressed in snappy boxers by Calvin Klein! today only $39.95”

  3. “One day Gregor Samsa awoke to find himself dressed in snappy boxers by Calvin Klein! today only $39.95”

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