9/11/10 AE911Truth Press Conference at WTC 7

Richard Gage, AIA of AE911Truth and Manny Badillo of NYC CAN speak to hundreds of activists in front of WTC 7 on 9/11/10.

  • Vox Penii

    If I called my group “Flat Earth Truth,” it’s still a group of lunatic flat-earthers…

  • anon

    So tell us, Grand Penii, what exactly is your explanation for what happened to WTC7?? Please enlighten us with your exulted wisdom!

    Also, the flat-earth theory is a myth, as I am sure you are well-aware…fuck’n douchebag.

  • APR

    “Vox Penii” is using the time honored tradition of inserting “well poisoning” into a story in order to discredit it. The 9-11 controversy will never go away, so the troll/well poisoners will continue their full time jobs of inserting this sort of thing into the debate. Note he is the first to comment. He’s just doing his job. The goal is to get people to “feed the trolls” in order to become side-tracked and eventually lose interest.

  • NanoThermite

    Thank you Anon and APR :)

  • Andrew

    WTC 7 was destroyed, like everything else in the history of the universe, by Marxism.

  • AghFVCK

    Lol, I call it more like…. Fascism/Communism… But Marxism kinda works…