Another Ex-Scientologist Publishes Damning Tell-All

From the Village Voice:

Adding to Scientology’s woes, some of the people who have been making defections in recent years are turning around and writing damning tell-alls.

Regular publishers won’t touch these books — even though some of them are actually very well written — so the authors have had to go the self-published route.

Last year’s killer I-escaped-from-Scientology narrative was put out by Marc Headley. His Blown for Good made for a gripping read, about a low-level grunt who spent years at Scientology’s secret HQ in the California desert until he finally made a mad dash for freedom.

This year, we can report that Headley’s book has been equaled. In Counterfeit Dreams: One Man’s Journey Into and Out of the World of Scientology, ex-Scientologist Jefferson Hawkins not only provides his own dramatic tale of getting sucked into and ultimately escaping from Scientology, but Hawkins was no low-level scrub.

He, maybe more than any other single person, may be the reason Scientology ever became as popular as it did, with L. Ron Hubbard’s Dianetics setting sales records in the 1980s.

It was Hawkins and his ideas for television ads (the “volcano” TV spot, for example) that propelled Dianetics to meteoric heights, leading many to wonder if Scientologists themselves weren’t just buying up the books by the truckload to make sure it topped the New York Times Bestsellers List…

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  1. Another bullet into the cash bloated belly of the beast! Keep shooting…we might see the fucking abomination die in our lifetimes!!

  2. tl;dr – The religion that has it’s foundation in operating as a for-profit corporation, has been put in a death spiral by the same reasons (and CEOs) that kill bad businesses (priority on quarterly instead of long term profit goals).

  3. A blueprint for Scientology to keep rolling in the dough: Publish fake tell-alls (which is not to say the one in this piece is fake)…

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