Apple Launches New Music Social Network: Ping

PingIn case there weren’t enough social networks, Apple’s Ping is the network for music, not friends. From NY Times:

On Thursday morning, Steven P. Jobs, Apple’s chief executive, showed off a new social network for music called Ping. It runs inside the newest version of Apple’s iTunes software. Ping also works on the latest software for iPhones and iPod Touches. (Apple hasn’t made it available for iPad this time around.)

Ping, Mr. Jobs said onstage at the announcement event in San Francisco, lets its users answer three burning questions: “What are my friends listening to? What are my favorite artists up to? What concerts are my friends going to?” And, he said, it resolves the driving need, “I’ve got to share this with my friends!” (It also answers the question: “Can I buy that song right now?”)

How does Ping work? Mr. Jobs describes it as “sort of like Facebook and Twitter meet iTunes. It’s a social network all about music.” Just as you may follow friends on Facebook, you can follow other Ping users. It may be the kid next door, or it may be Lady GaGa, who provided Jobs with a pre-recorded video clip for his stage show. Ping will let you know what music the people you follow are listening to, downloading, or just talking about.

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  • Anonymous

    I’m beginning to think the Luddites had some good ideas……

  • Vox Penii

    Postmodernism rejects the Enlightenment project in the most
    fundamental way possible—by attacking its essential philosophical
    themes. Postmodernism rejects the reason and the individualism
    that the entire Enlightenment world depends upon. And so it ends
    up attacking all of the consequences of the Enlightenment philosophy,
    from capitalism and liberal forms of government to science
    and technology.

    Postmodernism’s essentials are the opposite of modernism’s.
    Instead of natural reality—anti-realism. Instead of experience and
    reason—linguistic social subjectivism. Instead of individual identity
    and autonomy—various race, sex, and class group-isms. Instead of
    human interests as fundamentally harmonious and tending toward
    mutually-beneficial interaction—conflict and oppression. Instead of
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    Stephen Hicks, Ph.D. Explaining Postmodernism: Socialism and Skepticism from Rousseau to Foucault, Scholargy Press, 2004

    Just sayin’…

  • Vox Penii

    Bing from Microsoft

    Ping from Apple

    Steve Jobs couldn’t think of a better name?

    • kcorb

      and then there’s Ning, the DIY social network

  • connie dobbs

    Generic derogatory statement about apple users!

  • Anonymous

    “Just sayin’… “?

    Thanks for the quote, but what are YOU sayin”? What’s your take?
    Am I leaning toward post-modernism? Perhaps……

    Frankly, its not that I think technology is bad in general. I just hate the SALES PITCH and the dumbness required by the average techno-junkie to buy into it. Great,now your life revolves around “hand held devices”. Everywhere you go -you see them. Busy zombies, staring at the little screen doing “important things” -often oblivious to there surroundings and other people.

  • connie dobbs

    That’s just your bias due to incomplete information. Perhaps you should have left off the quotation marks as some of us do use our hand held devices for important things. I keep my books on it, just started the Calculus Diaries after finishing the Disappearing Spoon (science nerd – got a nice graphic calculator and periodic table app, too). Also use it to keep track of my rss so I don’t have to sit in front of a computer all day. I control my home media players on it, as well, and have a good auto-tune like app which helps when I’m writing new music, and I have a good metronome for when I’m playing a real instrument. The star map app is good for when I’m just looking at the stars, but it’s GREAT when aligning my telescope, as it allows me to be more certain of the position of a particular star. Also, oblique strategies in my pocket at all times. So yeah, there’s “important things” you can do with your phone, and honestly, I’m glad I use it now instead of sitting behind the pc all the time. I’m more active and spend much less time playing video games.

    But yeah, I look really fucking stupid when I run into people staring obliviously at my phone. Important stuff, though, to me at least. We’re not all texting pictures of lolcats to each other.

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