Bed Bug Blaster: Get Them Before They Get You

Call it the Summer of Bed Bugs in New York City: seems like they have been popping up everywhere around here from Victoria’s Secret to the AMC movie theater in Times Square.

If you’ve or your loved ones have been a victim of our new Bed Bug Overlords, get some virtual payback with this Bed Bug Blaster game:

Bed Bug Blaster

Don’t become a bed bug late-night snack! If they can infect GE executives are any of us safe?

3 Comments on "Bed Bug Blaster: Get Them Before They Get You"

  1. I’ve often wondered whether dry ice might do the trick — the idea is to smother them in a little CO2 mazuku. As my bed is bedbug free, I haven’t had the opportunity to “smoke ’em out”, as W would say…

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  3. Anonymous | Sep 8, 2010 at 2:33 pm |

    I welcome our new overlords.

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