Enter Reality Sandwich’s Dimensional Shift Contest

The web-magazine Reality Sandwich is hosting a contest for inspired “evolutionaries” to win a free ticket to their “Dimensional Shift” Fall Retreat with Supernatural author Graham Hancock and visionary artists Alex and Allyson Grey.

Reality Sandwich "Grok My Shift"

To enter, simply create an Evolver video or blog entry saying why the retreat would be a life-changing, “galactivating” event for you. Entries can be funny, serious, cosmic, or tricksterlicious. Give these posts your own creative swagger, sharing your personal desires, wishes, and gifts for embarking on this transformational journey in one of the most beautiful spots in the American Southwest.

Videos should be under 2 minutes and posted in the blog section of Evolver.net (just look for the “Video” field).  Blogs should be less than 500 words.  Once your video or blog is up on Evolver.net, send the link to all your friends, family members, and community allies to “grok” (vote). The entry with the most groks wins free entry to the retreat (a camping ticket; travel not included).  All entries must be tagged with “Grok My Shift” to qualify.  Contest runs until Monday, September 20th at high noon PST, 3 p.m. EST when a winner will be declared.

The Dimensional Shift Retreat features key trailblazers in the consciousness movement including: Cosm co-founders Alex and Allyson Grey, renowned Fingerprints of the Gods author and “Inter-dimensional Indiana” Jones Graham Hancock, Heaven’s Mirror photographer Santha Faila, RS publisher and digital democracy pioneer Ken Jordan, Evolver.net director and Bioenergetic healer Jonathan Talat Phillips, and RS creative director and Universus artist Michael Robinson.  Also featuring Evolver SF’s yogini Regina Gelfo and Evolver LA’s “agent of transformation” Baza Novic.

Activities include interactive talks and workshops, pictograph explorations, energy medicine, sacred geometry, slot canyon adventures, open source rituals, kundalini yoga, music, meditation, and more.  Horse-riding and massage is available at an additional cost.

The retreat takes place from Oct 12–17, in Boulder, Utah. More info here.

Watch a video of the last retreat below:

Talat Jonathan Phillips

Talat Jonathan Phillips is the author of The Electric Jesus: The Healing Journey of a Contemporary Gnostic.He co-founded the cutting edge web-magazine Reality Sandwich and Evolver Social Movement, coordinating 40+ regional Evolver communities.He is the creator of “The Ayahuasca Monologues: Tales of the Spirit Vine,” a Reiki Master and Bioenergetic Healer and does Skype sessions. www.TalatHealing.com