First Medical Marijuana Television Ad

Cheech and Chong films showed the recreational use of marijuana, now television ads in California are showing the medicinal aspect. Via ABC News:

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  1. Vox Penii | Sep 3, 2010 at 6:34 pm |

    Next commercial for medical marijuana ought to show, say, a dozen cops decapitated by Mexican drug cartels, or perhaps a lawmaker kidnapped by Mexican drug cartels ….

    … and remember that Mexico has decriminalized drugs.

    and remember that the medical marijuana industry has been infiltrated by Mexican drug cartels, who are exporting their lethal brutality to the United States. > <

    • Which is all the more reason to bring it out of a legal gray area and let it be grown out in the open in the US. That is what you’re saying, isn’t it?

    • Anonymous | Sep 4, 2010 at 2:27 am |

      Is there some conclusion you wish to make? Some sweeping generalization?
      What do expect to accomplish with this vague drivel?
      Are you afraid to speak your opinion directly?
      Marijuana is bad because some fools with guns shoot cops?

    • Bad logic to contradict yourself in your own statements.

      Mexico has decriminalized drugs…

      …warfare between police and drug dealers.

      Which is true?

      Obviously…they haven’t fully decriminalized drugs. They’ve deprioritized small possession to make room for serious criminals. This wasn’t the cause of the problem…nor did it make the problem worse…it is among the many recent changes made to help them cope with a problem that was already way out of control.

      And secondly…what makes their problem unique is that the wage scale is shit and cops/officials are easy to bribe. This is less true in the US…so a cop killing on US soil would be dealt with in a far far more effective fashion than in Mexico City. As badass as they like to play…they pipe the fuck down and behave comparatively well when they’re operating in the US…because a squabble between drug dealers isn’t such a big deal…but one dead cop and all of a sudden everyone from the lowest deputy to the DEA and FBI are head hunting.

      Ever wonder why we don’t have killings on the scale they have there? Now you don’t have to wonder anymore.

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