Hierarchy Of Robot Needs

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is one of psychology’s most important theories regarding the search for happiness and self-actualization. Via Flickr, here it is adapted for robots:


  • Vox Penii

    Maslow’s hierarchy of needs has ZERO empirical support and next to zero credibility amongst contemporary mainstream psychologists/psychiatrists/therapists … Maslow’s ideas are “no longer taken seriously in the world of academic psychology.” Sommers, Christina Hoff and Sally Satel, M.D. (2006) One Nation Under Therapy: How the Helping Culture is Eroding Self-reliance. McMillian, ISBN 0312304447, p. 74

    Moreover, Maslow was associated with the influential “Frankfurt School” of Marxist theorists who set out to corrode the foundations of Western Culture with the goal of forcing the proletariat to “class consciousness” that was believed to be necessary for a socialist uprising. In his diary, Maslow wrote how a lecture to a group of Catholic Nuns was well-received, but that they seemed oblivious to the true foundation of his goals. He wrote, “‘They shouldn’t applaud me, they should attack. If they were fully aware of what I was doing, they would [attack me] The journals of Abraham Maslow, by Abraham Harold Maslow, with editors Richard Lowry, Bertha G. Maslow, Lewis Pub. Co., 1982 p. 157.

    All that being said, thanks for the lulz. The Robot Hierarchy of Needs is funny.

    • Haystack

      You jerk off to “The Wealth of Nations,” don’t you?

    • connie dobbs

      Shut up. No one fucking cares, it’s a god damned joke. Like you.

      • Andrew

        Humans have only one psychological need, wealth creation.

        • connie dobbs

          That’s not psychological, it’s pathological.