Italian Man Arrested for Aunt’s Body Found in Freezer

The chilling story of what a man would do to collect 2,000 euros a month pension from his aunt, even if she’s no longer alive. The Telegraph reports:

Reports alleged that Gaetano Adragna, 43, a part-employed computer technician, relied on the pension for most of his rent and living expenses.

When they visited the apartment in Catania, in Sicily, they found her frozen body in a large white freezer.

The scam was revealed when neighbours of Annita Bonnici, 95, a widow of a former general in the Italian army, became suspicious after not seeing her for several months.

Mr Adragna had visited his elderly great-aunt twice a week.

Neighbours said they would often meet him on the stairs leading up to his great-aunt’s flat but that he started to tell contradictory stories about her state of health.

Continues at Telegraph

  • Liam_McGonagle

    Thanks to Amanda for posting this one. It’s nice to have a little feature story from overseas now and then. Especially from outside the Anglosphere.

    But I do have one minor quibble: The title makes it sound like the offense was the storage in the freezer. What, would the laundry hamper have been more acceptable?

  • Vox Penii

    If not for the pension, the aunt would still be alive.

    Ergo, the only humane option is to eliminate public aid to Italians.

    • Liam_McGonagle

      Interesting idea in theory. But reality mocks such homely simplicitudes: There are some very politically powerful welfare queens out there.
      Hell, no less than the former Scrub-in-Chief hisself was beneficiary of the massive taxpayer subsidy that built the Texas Ranger stadium shortly before he purchased the team in 1989.

      So in the contest for all-time abuser of taxpayer funds, I think W.A.S.P.-y old corporate insiders like the Scrub will come waaaaay ahead of nasty Roman Catholics living in basement apartments.