James Cameron To Fund Legal Action Over Canadian Oil Sands

The Vancouver Sun reports that Hollywood luminary-cum-Earth savior James Cameron has committed financial support to aboriginals for legal action against the Canadian federal and regional governments for oil sands pollution in Alberta:

Canadian-born director James Cameron agreed Tuesday to help aboriginal communities with legal action against the Alberta and federal governments to stop water-borne pollution from the oilsands.

The director, famous for movies such as Avatar and Titanic, met with community leaders and residents in Fort Chipewyan. The small town of 1,200 has been complaining for years about unusual rates of cancer and other illnesses among residents. The majority believe the disease is caused by air and water pollution from oilsands development, which they say also contaminates the wild foods they eat.

The provincial government has denied the industry has any negative impacts on downstream communities.

Cameron met with aboriginal leaders from the area Tuesday afternoon in a private meeting closed to the media and the public. After the meeting, Chief Allan Adam of the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation confirmed that Cameron had agreed to help in whatever way he could, including financially.

Adam said it wasn’t determined whether or not that assistance would be a direct contribution to the legal action or if he would help fundraise for it.

When asked after the meetings what his long-term commitment to the issue was, Cameron said, “Until it’s fixed.” He said he’ll do what it takes…

[continues at the Vancouver Sun]


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