Kim Jong Il Names Son As Successor, But Who Is He?

This will be the third member of the family to take over the position, but Kim Jong Il’s youngest son is a mysterious one. There isn’t must information about him, other than he is in his twenties and went to school in Switzerland. With the lack of information being provided (not that it’s anything new for N. Korea) it allows room to question if this is his son at all or someone standing in as his son as a way to keep the leadership in the family. PBS News Hour reports:

A major conference of North Korea’s ruling Workers’ Party in Pyongyang has raised the expectation of a handover of power from Kim Jong Il to his youngest son.

The transition appears to have been underway for months. In June, Kim (pictured at right) promoted his brother in law to a top leadership post and made other Cabinet changes in what many considered preparation for turning over the government to his youngest son Kim Jong Un.

The elder Kim, 68, appears to have health problems and suffered a stroke in 2008.

Not much is known about his third son, except that he is in his late twenties and went to boarding school in Switzerland as a teenager, where he was enrolled under the name “Pak Un.” There, one of the few known photos of Kim was taken.

More photos might be coming. The Economist reports that Open Radio for North Korea says 10 million portraits of the young man were ordered for distribution at the conference.

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