Meet Billy the Human Billboard: Boxer Pays the Bills With Tattoo Sponsorships

Billy the Human BillboardThis is a hell of a way to pay the bills. Joe Peacock writes on AOL News:

I’m an avid collector and appreciator of tattoos, so I tend to run into news that revolves around that culture quite often. That’s how I came to know about Billy Gibby — also known as Billy the Human Billboard — an amateur boxer out of Alaska who is living his dream of being a fighter and paying the bills by selling spots on his body for permanent tattoos featuring the logos of corporate sponsors.

As with everyone else who encounters Billy the Human Billboard for the first time, the thoughts that went through my head were “[vulgar expletive], what is he thinking?” followed by a quick feeling that there’s no way this could be for real, followed by the realization that it had to be real. It’s just too weird not to be.

Imagine my surprise, only a few days ago, when I found an e-mail in my in-box from him. He was reaching out to me to see if, as a fan of tattoos, I’d be interested in buying space on his body myself. And while I wasn’t really in the market to buy an ad on Billy the Billboard, I did take that opportunity to speak with him about his unique method of paying the bills.

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  • connie dobbs

    This one is for irrelevant and inaccurate statements about tattoos.

  • connie dobbs

    This one is for irrelevant and inaccurate statements about tattoos.

    • ralph

      Connie that is to some extent why I posted this, my understanding is getting a tattoo is a personal decision, so in that light (and others) I found Billy’s story interesting.

  • connie dobbs

    And this one is for irrelevant and inaccurate statements about corporatism.

  • Vox Penii

    Corporate whore, or clever reappropriation of capitalist paradigm?

    Only a Marxist art theorist knows for certain…

  • 5by5

    Isn’t getting a corporate “Mark of the Beast” a sign of the apocalypse?

  • Anonymous

    It’s only skin. At least it’s not another dragon or elbow spider webs. He’s got a Booster Gold thing going on.