New York City’s Water Filled With Tiny Shrimp

Consumerist discusses the disconcerting news that New York City’s tap water is filled with microscopic shrimp-like creatures, such as the one pictured below. Called copepods, they’re entirely harmless, but raise the question of whether NYC tap water is kosher.


  • connie dobbs

    In related news, Brooklyn’s Hasidic and Orthodox communities were heard to collectively exclaim “OY VAY ISMEAR!!! I’M DRINKING WHAT?”

    • Vox Penii

      Shellfish! A Klog is mir!

  • Hadrian999

    i feel sorry for all the new yorkers that thought they were vegan

  • Vegan

    Kosher, what about vegan/vegetarian? Eww.. I don’t buy bottled water regularly, but when I’m in NYC, I will..

  • VoxMagi

    In other news,,,air discovered to be full of microscopic organisms being brutally slaughtered by humans who recklessly and willfully breathe.

    Vegans everywhere begin gluing mouths and nostrils shut…film at 11 (unless our vegan cameraman is dead…in which it might be a little later.)

    • Haystack

      The Jains are supposed to wear veils over their mouths so they don’t breathe in any insects, and brush the ground in front of them for the same reason.

      Like orthodox Judaism, that sounds like a religion for the obsessive-compulsive to me.

      • VoxMagi

        You did it now…I have to go look up Jainism. I don’t much about it…which will bother me until I do. :-)

  • Widelynarrow

    isn’t this story about 2 YEARS OLD??
    those vegan jokes are hilarious though, yuk yuk.