Nike Files Patent For Back-To-The-Future Auto-Lacing Sneakers

Nike has a filed a patent for shoes that lace themselves with the press of a button, à la the pair famously worn by Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly in Back to the Future (the movie that predicted everything). Here’s hoping that they make these soon, and didn’t file the patent just to prevent anyone else from manufacturing auto-lacing sneakers. Via Engadget:


  • Alech

    Wow! Sneakers for people who are too dumb and/or lazy to lace up a pair of shoes. Next up: Shoes that do the running for you while you’re sitting on the couch stuffing your face.
    What happened to “Just do it” ?

    • Butter Knife

      Well first there was that comet, which made the old slogan unfortunately euphemistic. Then there were the allegations of worker exploitation and potential de facto slavery taking place in their third world sweat shops, which made the old slogan unfortunately imperative. Then there was the resurgence in the popularity of their Converse brand, which made the old slogan unfortunately anti-slacker.

      That said, I must agree that the idea of self-lacing shoes is just silly. Have we really grown so lazy as a species?

      • connie dobbs

        “grown so lazy”? Are you 3 years old and still discovering the world around you?

  • Hadrian999

    without a hover board who cares

  • VoxMagi

    Now all we need are plants that produce food and beverage automatically and our Idiocracy will be ready to roll.

    • Andrew

      Plants that produce food? That’s ridiculous.

      • VoxMagi

        of the manufacturing variety…didn’t think I had to specify…altho with our luck it’d probably be Soylent Green.

  • Anonymous

    I like future cliches! I would buy these if they were affordable and in my size. (I have abnormally wide feet, so this isn’t too likely.)