Secret LSD-Related CIA Ops, Mind-Reading Computers and Recent Asteroids That Nearly Missed the Earth…

HST and the Past, Present, Future and The Dude

If you’ve haven’t been here in a while, here’s the 23 most (dis)informing stories visitors were checking out over the last two weeks. If you’re interested in contributing to please contact us here. Enjoy and keep contributing!

The Big Lebowski Matrix Mashup Video

Ever wonder what it would be like to explain The Matrix to The Dude? Morpheus gives it his best….

Rare Hunter S. Thompson Documentary Surfaces on YouTube

It’s been nearly 5 years since the Good Doctor said adiós and pulled that silver trigger, bringing Gonzo to an end for good — or so one would think….

Does The Past Exist Yet?

The future has yet to be determined, but what about the past? This recent Huffington Post piece discusses the possibility that what you do in the present shapes both future and past — “historical events such as who killed JFK, might depend on events that haven’t occurred yet.”…

Why Time Slows Down In Near-Death Situations

Neuroscientist David Eagleman hatched an experiment to learn about why our sense of time slows to a crawl in near-death situations (such as a free fall from a significant height). Disappointingly, it’s not because our abilities of perception kick into Matrix-style hyperdrive. NPR reports:…

Did The CIA Test LSD On An Entire French Town?

For a short, nightmarish period in August 1951, dozens of residents of Pont-Saint-Espirit suffered from extreme hallucinations, leading to five deaths. A newly-unearthed memo hints that it was a CIA experiment, the BBC reports:

One Fifth Of American Adults Don’t Use The Internet

… according to a Pew study discussed in an insightful manner by Erick Schonfeld on TechCrunch. He is asking the fundamental question: Who are these folks who wouldn’t be reading this website, or any website for that matter, at all?

Why Christwire Rocks

Depending on your religious beliefs and affiliations, you may or may not be aware of the megapopular Christwire. The New York Times explains why it’s such a joke…

Intel Developing Computers That Read Minds

Cool news from Intel, so I wonder if Apple is working on an iThink. Richard Gray writes in the Telegraph

Woman Defies Naysaying Doctors And Grows Back Finger

Never say never — especially when it comes your your health! Elizabeth Cohen reports for CNN…

MIT Unveils Nanotech/Robot Swarm To Skim Ocean Oil

MIT reveals a swarm of autonomous floating robots that can digest an oil spill. The 16-foot robots drag a nanowire mesh that acts like a conveyor belt to soak up surface oil “like paper towels soak up water,” absorbing 20 times its weight and then harmlessly “digesting” the oil by burning it off….

Just Say No To Freedom Of Religion

The inimitable Christopher Hitchens says the taming and domestication of religious faith is one of the unceasing chores of civilization, at Slate

Canadian Automaker Develops Car Made Of Hemp

A group of Canadian companies have come together to design an electric car, dubbed the Kestrel, with a body sculpted from a super-tough composite produced from mats of hemp. A prototype is being tested, and the first 20 Kestrel cars will be delivered next year. No word on what sort of fumes are emitted by the tailpipe. Via CBC News…

The Atomic Cake Controversy of 1946: A “Mission Accomplished” Photo-Op From Yesteryear

President George W. Bush and many of his top administration officials were often accused of hubris in their eight-year run, but I have to say this incident from 1946 really tops the literal cake. It has the haughtiness of President Bush’s 2003 “Mission Accomplished” photo-op aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln, combined with an element as you see below, I can best describe as … callous. From CONELRAD Adjacent

The Ultra-Rich Are Meaner Than Rest of Us

What a shocker. Matthew Lynn writes for Bloomberg News…

Henry Rollins and Glenn Danzig Live Happily Ever After in New Zine

The good people at Microcosm Publishing have sent me a few interesting packages lately and I’ve been sifting through the goodies picking out a few shiny treasures to share with you Disinfonauts…

Two Asteroids Perilously Close To Earth

These ones probably won’t hit, but they show that so-called Near Earth Objects could collide with our planet at any time with precious little warning. From ABC News…

Police Raid The Headquarters Of PRQ, Webhost Of Pirate Bay And Wikileaks

Police in several European countries are coordinating a fight against a certain “radical conception of freedom,” embodied by Wikileaks and Pirate Bay. Rogue euronerds beware, French paper-of-record Le Monde writes…

A Happy Meal 137 Days Later

Artist Sally Davies runs the classic, terrifying “McDonald’s burger time-lapse” experiment. The goal of course is to see how long it takes food from McDonald’s to alter in appearance even the slightest bit. At 137 days and counting, this meal looks identical to how it did at the time of purchase. Via Refinery 29

Blackwater’s Back-Channel Deals With U.S. Government

In one of the better pieces of investigative reporting seen in the New York Times of late, James Risen and Mark Mazzetti reveal the continuing close relationship between the U.S. Government and the disgraced mercenary group Blackwater (now re-named Xe, but they’re not fooling anyone)…

Using Psychedelics To Treat Depression

It’s been a long struggle, more or less since the days of Timothy Leary and Albert Hofmann in the ’60s, but doctors and scientists are finally being allowed to treat depression with some of the most effective drugs known to them: psychedelics. Anne Harding reports for CNN/…

How Much Money Do You Need To Be Happy? $75,000 Per Year

For residents of New York City it’s going to be considerably more than that! From the Los Angeles Times

The German Military Believes ‘Peak Oil’ May Bring About the End of Democracy and Free Markets

Der Spiegel reports that a German military think tank believes ‘peak oil’ may occur this year, and that it could cause the collapse of both democracies and free markets within 30 years….

Another Ex-Scientologist Publishes Damning Tell-All

The Village Voice writes: “Adding to Scientology’s woes, some of the people who have been making defections in recent years are turning around and writing damning tell-alls…”