Staying Online During Sex

And that’s just one of the Internet addictions revealed in a new study, via AFP:

Computer security firm PC Tools late Wednesday released a study showing that nearly a quarter of US residents think it is fine to be “plugged in” to the Internet during sex.

The survey conducted by Harris Interactive also showed that 29 percent of people in the country believe it is not a problem to be connected online during a wedding and the percentage climbed to 41 percent for family dinners.

When it came to protection from computer viruses or other Internet-transmitted woes, people said they would rather change a diaper, be stuck in traffic, visit a dentist or get a colonoscopy than clean machines.

“While some of these results may seem amusing, they show that staying connected is a very serious issue to many, no matter what the circumstance,” said PC Tools vice president of marketing Stephanie Edwards…

[continues at AFP]


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  1. Vox Penii | Sep 16, 2010 at 1:41 pm |

    screwin’ my gf & she’s txtng so i’m txting 2 lol

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