The Book the Pentagon Wants to Stop, Pregnant Nuns Selling Ice Cream and Spaceship Moon?

Apes, Pregnant Nuns and Spaceship Moon

For your viewing and continued commenting pleasure, here’s the 23 most (dis)informing stories visitors were checking out over the last week. If you’re interested in contributing to please contact us here. Enjoy and keep contributing!

Who Parked The Moon?

Despite six announced visits by U.S. astronauts between 1969 and 1972, the Moon remains a riddle to scientists in many regards. The solutions to these riddles could indicate an alien aspect of our familiar Moon…

Pentagon Tries To Stop Book By Buying All Copies

Thanks to Isaac Hils for this. As publishers, this story definitely appeals to us at disinformation: Authors with books the Pentagon wants to stop, take note! From the Guardian

Relentless Views of The Pope And His Opinions

In a letter to the Guardian, harsh words were written towards the pope’s visit to the country. Disagreeing with his religious and political actions, and lack of actions, the pope is presented in an interesting depiction from the eyes of these English citizens…

Meet Stark County, Ohio’s Phil Davison: A Politician Who REALLY Speaks His Mind

Gabe writes on Videogum: “If you ask me, I think that both of the parties are corrupt and more interested in playing politics with each other than they are in making this country a better place for regular Americans like you and me. Now, what I’d like to see is someone who really speaks his mind…”

Turtles Could Hold the Secret to Human Immortality

Alasdair Wilkins writes on io9: “All animals eventually grow old and die. It’s an inevitable fact of life — except when it isn’t. Some animals, like tortoises and lobsters, never grow old, and learning their secrets could let humans live as long as they want…”

Video Game Players Make Faster Real Life Decisions

Kids, pay attention, here’s some ammo to fire back at your parents when they tell you that you spend too much time playing video games, via Reuters…

Artist Runs Into Tornados

Francis Alÿs runs straight into a tornado in the name of art. The strange thing is, this wasn’t the first time Alÿs willingly put himself in danger. Alÿs’ video installation is coming to New York’s Museum of Modern Art next year. You can view a clip of the video…

U.S Government Clamps Down On Natural Remedies

You knew it was coming — $5 Billion of sales that Big Pharma would like for itself is surely enough to get the U.S. Federal government and its friends in the mainstream media to persuade the public that plant medicines don’t work and are dangerous, despite many centuries of effective use by peoples around the world…

Anti-Masturbation Candidate Christine O’Donnell Wins Republican Senate Primary in Delaware

Oh man, Joe Biden must be loving that anti-masturbation/Tea Party-backed candidate Christine O’Donnell is up for his old Senate seat…

How to Respect Sex Workers

Monica Shores on Alternet writes a great short piece with links for further research on how to…

God Has Poor Penmanship: ‘CAT’ Written in This Cat’s Fur

I guess God/Jesus was getting tired of throwing all the Jesus images all over the place. I like this, it means the Almighty has a sense of humor, but he really does have terrible penmanship…

The Biology of Soul Murder

Shannon Brownlee writes in U.S. News and World Report: “Once viewed as genetically programmed, the brain is now known to be plastic, an organ molded by both genes and experience throughout life. A single traumatic experience can alter an adult’s brain…”

Westerners vs. the World: We Are the Weird Ones

Adam McDowell writes in the National Post: “The Ultimatum Game works like this: You are given $100 and asked to share it with someone else. You can offer that person any amount and if he accepts the offer, you each get to keep your share. If he rejects your offer, you both walk away empty-handed…”

The Banned Pregnant Nun Ice Cream Ad Photo

Pregnant nuns? It’s not like it’s unheard of, but as the UK government tries to pretend it really wants the uber-expensive Papal visit this week, its Advertising Standards Authority has banned the ad. The ice cream maker couldn’t have asked for a better marketing coup…

The Single Biggest Threat to U.S. National Security … Is Its Debt

Washington’s Blog writes: “In February 2009, the head of U.S. intelligence — Dennis Blair — said that the global financial crisis was the largest threat to America’s national security. All of America’s intelligence agencies apparently agreed…”

Religious Search Engines Provide A Blasphemy-Free Internet

A number of websites have sprung up that provide the pious with a way to surf the internet without the threat of un-biblical content. Search for “Obama” on the Christian search engine SeekFind, for instance, and rather than a standard biography, the first result is a page discussing the Antichrist. NPR reports:…

The Loneliest Man In The World

This past month Slate wrote about the “most isolated man on the planet,” the sole remaining member of an Amazonian tribe, living a solitary existence in the jungle. Obviously, dozens of people may be choosing to live in remote locations by themselves — the difference is that this man’s isolation is not a conscious decision. Rather than seeking contact…

A History Of The Iraq War, Through Wikipedia Edits

Here’s how you write history in the contentious twenty-first century. Every edit made to the Wikipedia page “The Iraq War” published as a bound, multi-volume set. Via booktwo

Jon Stewart is the First “Journalist” To Hold Tony Blair Accountable for His Iraq War Position

Watch the whole thing online (wasn’t aired on TV) and decide. Just because he has a new book out Stewart and The Daily Show are doing the job the American mainstream media should be doing…

Facebook’s Asocial Mark Zuckerberg

Two weeks before the theatrical release of The Social Network, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg gets an in-depth interview/profile in the New Yorker. “Zuck” comes across as enigmatic, unfeeling, and awkward — an odd person to be reshaping the nature of social interaction and connection on a global scale…

Is This How the ‘Planet of the Apes’ Begins? Wild Chimps Outwit Human Hunters

Great, now all we need is some virus to kill all the cats and dogs on the planet, so we start taking primates as household pets and they become smarter. Thanks scientists for helping to create our eventual Ape Overlords. Slippery slope, real slippery slope. Matt Walker writes on BBC Earth News…

Is the U.S. Government a Dysfunctional Family?

Anxiety Culture writes: “A branch of psychology called Transactional Analysis (TA) has a diagram called The Drama Triangle which is used for analysing psychological games. Interestingly, this triangle seems equally applicable to political games…”

After Punk: The Story of What Came Next

Simon Reynolds’ acclaimed first volume of post-punk memory sifting — Rip it Up and Start Again — went a long way toward exploring and explaining the various flowerings that bloomed from the bruised and bloodied blossom that was ’70s punk rock. If you thought one volume of exhaustive, evocative reconstructing of the period would suffice, you would be wrong, and Reynolds proves this point…

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