Was California’s Bobblehead Election Rigged?

BobbleheadsMoeZilla writes:

Fans waited in line for two hours to claim a California baseball stadium’s 1,250 bobblehead dolls representing the two candidates vying to replace Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. But “when the wacky give-away was concluded, the stadium announced its even wackier results — and reading the comments at a Sacramento newspaper site, you’d have to conclude that the election was rigged.”

After many snafus, candidate Meg Whitman, the former CEO of eBay, won the “bobblehead election” at a California baseball stadium. But ironically, some of her dolls are now being sold on eBay! “The last time California elected a new governor was in 2004, after a very wild recall election,” notes this article. “Movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger defeated 150 other candidates, including Gary Coleman and porn star Mary Carey.

“Let’s hope this November’s election goes more smoothly than the battle of the bobbleheads.”

2 Comments on "Was California’s Bobblehead Election Rigged?"

  1. Anonymous | Sep 3, 2010 at 5:49 pm |

    What scares me the most about California and their elections (which has given us Nixon, Reagan, Schwarzenegger, and may give us “Carly” Fiorina) is that the very first neocon transexual may be elected there.

    Now, don’t get my wrong. I have nothing against liberal, or especially progressive transexuals being elected, but lately I’ve really become nauseated by all these neocon gaytards and corporate fascist lesbians.

    Of course, I am speaking of Carleton (nicknamed “Carly”) Fiorina, proud corporate fascist swine who yelled that famous phrase: “No American worker has a God-given right to a job.”

    After she offshored as many of HP’s jobs as possible, upping her super-perks and salary.

    She was born Carleton Fiorina, and I personally wish her no harm for that. But all her subsequent actions thereafter have ruled that she be damned eternally, for being a neocon transexual.

    Please, all you Calitards out there, finally show some sense and quite being low-information voters!

  2. Let’s hope we don’t put that corporate hack Whitman or her evil Wall St twin Fiorina (rated one of the 20 Worst CEO’s in History) in charge of the 5th largest economy in the world, or everyone’s gonna suffer — not just California.

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