92 Percent of American Babies Are Online With A Social Networking Presence

This just doesn’t seem right. The article gives stats for 10 Western countries, and no surprise that the U.S is #1 in parents putting their babies online. (I don’t expect there are many mutant super-genius babies creating their own profiles, but I haven’t been in the loop on what DARPA is up to these days…) Via CNN:
Babies on Facebook

Children can’t change their DNA, and now it seems they’re inheriting another permanent feature from their families — an online presence.

Thanks to the ubiquity of photo-sharing websites like Facebook, 82 percent of children in 10 Western countries have a digital footprint before the age of 2, according to a study by internet security firm AVG.

The U.S. led, with 92 percent of American children under 2 appearing in online pictures, the report said.

New Zealand was a close second with 91 percent, followed by Canada and Australia with 84 percent. The study also covered the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy. Japan was the only country where less than half of 2-year-olds had an online presence.

AVG’s report indicates that it’s not necessarily a child’s mother who is doing the uploading.

Only 33 percent of the 2,200 moms studied said they’ve uploaded pictures of their newborn or toddler to the internet. Other family members and friends often take the liberty of sharing baby pictures on the Web, making deleting them trickier for concerned parents.

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