Call Girl Madam Says Spitzer Is As Boring On TV As He Is In Bed

Parker Spitzer CNNEliot Spitzer’s new show on CNN is admittedly fairly awful (see video), but these are harsh words, Madam! From Radar Online:

It’s a ho-down.

The Manhattan madam who supplied hooker-happy former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer a slew of high priced call girls has labeled his new CNN primetime show a bore – “just like he was in bed”.

“I really found Spitzer to be very boring,” buxom madam Kristin Davis exclusively told “That is sort of synonymous of what the girls told me about him in bed, that he was boring, so I guess the expectations were met.”

Spitzer, former Client-9 of the illegal call girl ring that was busted by the feds in 2008, looked like a “gremlin” in front of the camera, according to the woman who supplied him with hookers.

Davis’ dig was a throwback to when Spitzer infamously blamed “gremlins” for the period in his life when he patronized prostitutes…

[continues at Radar Online]

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