I’m Homeless and This Is Why I Have an iPad

Image: Sam Spratt / Gizmodo

Image: Sam Spratt / Gizmodo

This is really interesting, it’s not what you’d expect. Homeless in Paris writes on Gizmodo:

I’m homeless, very homeless, dirt broke and all, but I still own an iPad and a MSI Wind u130 netbook. These, I feel, are essential tools … Being without a home is not that big a deal in today’s world, but having connections to the rest of the world is pretty important.

Choice: I am homeless by choice, I gave away and sold all my belongings in Los Angeles and moved to Paris. My tourist visa is expired. I’m definitely not allowed to be here, but I still work when I want, and tend to pretty much live the life of Riley. But when I need to get in contact with someone, from a friend to the Paris transportation authority to complain about a misfared ticket, it’s hard to work without McDonald’s Wi-Fi.

The laptop and iPad also come in handy for other things … I often will DJ at parties off the iPad, and tend to use the laptop for working on my book from a park, or for making Skype calls; with Skype, Google Voice, and a few websites and iPad apps, I haven’t paid for international calls or texts in about six months. Google Ads brings in some money, and web work, freelance writing, and such all make enough that I’m never hungry. Without the laptop, this would not be possible.

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  1. Ironaddict06 | Oct 15, 2010 at 9:59 pm |

    Yep, the Ipad the new crack. Is there a future war on Ipads?

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