St. John’s Dean Has Students Do Chores For Scholarships

Accompanying all the new experiences college students go through, St. John’s offers students a lesson in domestic chores, Dean’s orders. From CNN:

Investigators say a former vice president and dean at a New York university forced students to cook, clean, wash clothes and chauffeur her family — and threatened that their scholarships would be revoked if they refused.

An arrest affidavit unsealed by federal prosecutors this week alleges that Cecilia Chang required scholarship students at St. John’s University to take out the garbage, shovel snow and cook food at her home in Queens, New York.

“Chang threatened the students and placed them in fear that if they refused to perform these personal services, they would lose their scholarships and be unable to attend St. John’s,” FBI Special Agent Kenneth F. Hosey said in the affidavit.

In addition to requiring students to perform household chores, Chang also asked students to conduct financial transactions and deliver cash to her at a casino, according to the affidavit.

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    So he was an intern that actually got paid?

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    So he was an intern that actually got paid?

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