Western Governments Amplify European Terror Warnings

Should the governments of Europe and the U.S. be telling the terrorists to modify their plans? Do they have a responsibility to warn us regardless? Or is there more than meets the eye to these warnings? Lots of unanswered questions. From ABC News:

Among the possible targets in the suspected European terror plot are pre-security areas in at least five major European airports, a law enforcement official told ABC News. Authorities believe terror teams are preparing to mount a commando like attack featuring small units and small firearms modeled after the Mumbai attack two years ago.

The State Department issued a highly unusual “Travel Alert” Sunday for “potential terrorist attacks in Europe,” saying U.S. citizens are “reminded of the potential for terrorists to attack public transportation systems and other tourist infrastructure.”

One scenario authorities fear is a repeat of the 1985 attack on the Rome and Vienna airports, when Palestinian extremists threw grenades and opened fire on travelers waiting at ticket counters injuring 140 and killing 19, including a small child.

European and U.S. officials first learned of the current terror threat over the summer following the capture of a suspected German terrorist who had been training in Pakistan…

[continues at ABC News]


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2 Comments on "Western Governments Amplify European Terror Warnings"

  1. Disinfo Blocked My Comments | Oct 4, 2010 at 1:55 pm |

    Damned if they do warn people, damned if they don’t…

  2. Yeah, like Messiah Obama would tell us about the real terrorist threats and not make up imaginary ones in order to expand the powers of the Imperial Presidency. Wake up.

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