Apple Employee Shuts Down “Crapple Store” Website

CrappleA former Apple Store employee announced today that he’s ending a critical blog called The Crapple Store. “No one likes a big fuss or legal battle,” he informed readers, “so I’ve decided, unfortunately, to stop blogging before it gets out of hand…”

There’s still a few quotes from his site on other blogs, including an e-mail he published from another disgruntled the Apple Store employee. (“I have never felt so undervalued as an employee or so constantly undermined by useless management…”) But in today’s announcement, he admitted that “it was never really meant to be read by the whole world… it was a place for fed up employees to read the sufferings of another fed up employee, and laugh about all the little things that begin to tick you off whilst working at Apple.”

It’s not clear whether Apple pressured him over the site, but today’s announcement makes clear that he no longer works at the Apple Store. “I actually left Apple a short while ago, a brave decision from a full time position as I had no work in the pipeline, but when it comes to your sanity, somethings just have to be done.”

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  1. You can still read the blog’s archive via it’s rss 😀

  2. You can still read the blog’s archive via it’s rss 😀

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