Disclosures Confirm Israeli Plan To Depose Government Of Iran

R. Nicholas Burns

R. Nicholas Burns

The now infamous Wikileaks disclosure of American diplomatic communications confirms reporting by veteran journalist Seymour Hersh that the Americans and the Israelis are conspiring to overthrow the government of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, with Israel forcing the U.S. into taking action. Quoted in this fascinating Raw Story article by Larisa Alexandrovna and Muriel Kane is ex-CIA agent Robert Baer, whose new film Car Bomb has just been released. Baer told Raw Story that Israel is essentially telling the Americans to “give them money so they can set off bombs – the Mad Max approach”:

According to a diplomatic cable released by WikiLeaks, in August 2007 the head of Israel’s intelligence agency urged US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, R. Nicholas Burns, to join with Israel in carrying out a five-part strategy to implement regime change in Iran.

Mossad Director Meir Dagan acknowledged at the meeting that the American analysis of Iran’s alleged nuclear weapons program was different from Israel’s, but he insisted that the threat from Iran was “obvious” and stated that Israel was willing to take action unilaterally.

The classified diplomatic cable outlining the meeting is part of a large cache of documents leaked to the whistleblower website Wikileaks, and released to the public on Sunday via several international newspapers, including The Guardian and The New York Times.

Dagan began the meeting by thanking the US for its support of Israel, as well as for a recent $30 billion aid package.

The Mossad chief then conceded that US analysis of Iran’s alleged nuclear capabilities differed from Israel’s, but remarked that such differences were essentially irrelevant and that if need be Israel would take action alone.

“The threat is obvious, even if we have a different timetable,” he said. “If we want to postpone their acquisition of a nuclear capability, then we have to invest time and effort ourselves.”

Philip Giraldi, a former counter-terrorism specialist and military intelligence officer and the Central Intelligence Agency, who served for eighteen years in Turkey, believes Dagan’s comment that Israel will have to “invest time and effort ourselves” in dealing with Iran was, in essence, a veiled threat.

“It is essentially setting up a situation in which the threat of Israel acting alone becomes a wedge issue to force the US to do something so that it will be able to manage the situation rather than respond to Israeli initiatives,” Giraldi told Raw Story on Sunday. “It pushes Washington into planning a military strike to force the Israelis to stand down on their own plans.”…

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