Man Charged With Attempting To Cut Off Neighbor’s Toes And Scalp To “Collect His Soul”

timothy-peterson_370x278In the dead of winter, strange things happen up north. Minnesota’s Fergus Falls Journal reports on an attempt at shamanism gone terrifyingly awry:

The man who allegedly stabbed former Fergus Falls mayoral candidate Ivan “Skip” Mallas early Sunday morning was charged on Tuesday with second degree attempted murder.

Mallas had been approached by Timothy Eugene Peterson while working in his garage. Peterson allegedly began chanting and called himself a “soul collector” and a “medicine man” while trying first to cut off some of Mallas’ toes. Mallas said that Peterson then tried to slit his throat, scalp him and stab him in the chest, all the while telling Mallas that he needed to kill him and “collect his soul.”

During the struggle, the complaint stated, Mallas allegedly had to grab the knife several times to keep it from mortally wounding him. These actions caused deep cuts to both hands, and his attempt to keep Peterson from scalping him caused him to wound his cheek.

The complaint reported that Mallas said that Peterson eventually stopped his assault and appeared to consider coming after him again before finally leaving. After Peterson left, Mallas allegedly fled to a neighbor’s house for safety and help.