‘Slackistan,’ Pakistan’s First Slacker Film

Yahoo News reports:

In a country scarred by Taliban attacks and hobbled by political bickering, film director Hammad Khan found himself riveted by a creature so out of touch with reality that it almost inspires jealousy: the Pakistani slacker.

He found such youth roaming the Pakistani capital’s tree-lined boulevards in tight jeans, sipping lattes at Western-themed coffee shops and partying underground — with plenty of liquor to boot. They had no story, really. So Khan had to tell it.


The result is “Slackistan,” Pakistan’s first slacker film.

The movie shows a side of this South Asian nation rarely seen in the West, where media typically tie it to terror and Islamist fundamentalism. But in Pakistan, censors unhappy with some of the slacker portrayals have demanded so many changes that the film may not get released here.

“Things have gone from bad to worse in Pakistan. You look at these kids and wonder, ‘Does anything affect them?'” said Khan, a British-Pakistani who lives in London. “But then again, it’s not really their fault. They’re 20, 21. They’re actually just kind of finding out who they are.”

The film, which is mostly in English or subtitled, follows five 20-something Pakistanis from well-off families in Islamabad who have access to the best cars, the best schools and the best technology. They don’t represent the majority of Pakistanis, who live in poverty, but are still a very real demographic…

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  1. DeepCough | Feb 10, 2011 at 8:56 pm |

    See, we’re winning hearts and minds, it’s undeniable now.

  2. DeepCough | Feb 10, 2011 at 4:56 pm |

    See, we’re winning hearts and minds, it’s undeniable now.

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