The Ronald Reagan Cake: A Strange Concoction

ReaganThe Washington Post‘s Kelly DiNardo analyzes the 400 lb Ronald Reagan 100th birthday cake to be unveiled this weekend. To me it rather symbolizes the man himself: all American hero on the outside, but inside a strange man made up of conflicting components that are hard to reconcile:

Ronald Reagan’s sweet tooth is well documented; the 40th president even has a portrait made out of his favorite candy – Jelly Belly jelly beans – hanging in the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Library. So the six-foot-by-six-foot birthday cake that will be unveiled at the library on Sunday for the centennial of his birth is not just celebratory but also a monument to, well, chocolate.

Admittedly, not all of the five-layer concoction is cake. The first layer, fondant-covered Styrofoam, serves as a base for a layer of fondant-covered Rice Krispies treats, which supports a massive chocolate cake. A second fondant-covered Styrofoam layer buttresses another, smaller chocolate cake. The whole thing is then topped with a chocolate bald eagle…

[continues in the Washington Post]


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