Interview with Comic Artist and Writer David Mack

I had the opportunity to conduct a series of interviews with one of the more inventive illustrators and writers working in comics today, David Mack.

I still remember the first time I encountered his graphic novel series, Kabuki. I was just browsing around a Barnes & Noble, buzzing on caffeine, and this beautifully illustrated hardcover book found its way into my hands.

It’s not hard to be taken in by the art, really, it is both graceful and bold — but I actually laughed out loud when I started reading it — there was a section where the characters were talking to one another, and then moving through a building. Now most sequential artists would draw panel after panel of them walking and talking, West Wing style, maybe breaking it up with different angles and whatnot so it’s not just a bunch of talking heads. But you just give us a top down view of the building, and little talk bubbles as they wind their way around the maze. I just thought that was completely brilliant…

I never would have thought of that, but then looking at it, it’s just like “of course!” This is something I’ve seen continuing through these books, that you are really good at finding the straightest line, the best means of telling the story rather than just adhering to whatever storytelling conventions people might be used to.

Read the full interview on Modern Mythology.

This interview expands an interview David and I conducted in 2007 for It will be run in the Immanence of Myth anthology along with many other interviews with creators working in the realms of modern myth.

James Curcio

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