Snoop Dogg, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga Go Where The Money Is: Silicon Valley

Facebook = Katy Perry; Twitter = Snoop Dogg; Google = Lady Gaga. Who’s got the biggest star? Not much competition as Alexia Tsotsis points out at TechCrunch:

As the battle for Silicon Valley engineering talent intensifies, it seems as if hot tech companies like Apple, Facebook, Google and Twitter have launched some sort of ridiculous competition as to who could can score the biggest Hollywood talent for an onsite appearance, in order to wow current and future employees.

Between Ashton Kutcher and Chamillionaire at Y Combinator Demo days and conferences, Silicon Valley isn’t lacking in star sitings. But if we’re keeping a tally, the most recent celebrity visits making waves were Snoop Dog at Twitter and Katy Perry at Facebook, both of which seemed like a stretch when considering either company’s goals.

If the metric is attention, I’m just going to say that Google has won the cultural relevance wars for the moment, bringing in super duper pop star Lady Gaga in to talk to super duper tech star Marissa Mayer for its “Musicians@Google” series…

[continues at TechCrunch]

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  • dirtyjohnny

    disinfo is goo goo for gaga

  • dirtyjohnny

    disinfo is goo goo for gaga

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