The Chemtrails App For Your iPhone

Chemtrails_Dusk_smZen Gardner writes about how he finds chemtrails with his iPhone at Before Its News:

Wanna know when the chemtrails are coming? Check your phone and look at the forecast.

Yes, the “weatherman” is in on it, folks, and they know the spray days. All to make it look “natural”.

See for yourself

I checked my phone for the weather while walking under a clear blue sky in San Diego this morning. Sure enough, that nasty filmy cloud was over the sun on my iphone weather app.

Probably gonna be chemtrails today. It may turn out to be a real weather system coming in but let’s see what happens. It’s been clear a while and the chemtrails are overdue. They may also be laying low somewhat with the increased radioactivity from Japan, especially in the upper atmosphere.

We’ve had nice clear skies for partial days with the rains and wind clearing the air. We may have more moisture coming later as real clouds (which did happen) but too often this stringy cloud over the sun foretells chemtrails. Follow the weather and the forecasts closely and you’ll see this to be true. A perfectly blue sky with no real clouds nor reason for them will be turned into an overcast or partly overcast day, all by chemtrails, as you watch them sprayed in the sky, and you’ll see that forecasted on your phone.

They haven’t been able to spray for days so I know they’re itching to get their levels back up, so I decided to document it…

[continues at Before Its News]


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