Jihadis Voice Grief and Determination at Death of Their Inspiration

Cover Of Osama Bin Laden's Book

Cover Of Osama Bin Laden's Book.

Robert F. Worth writes in the New York Times:

Jihadis around the world reacted on Monday to the news of Osama bin Laden’s death with a mix of sorrow, disbelief and determination that Al Qaeda and its affiliates would continue their struggle against the West and its allies.

Although the group’s leaders have not yet issued any formal statements on the subject, jihadis vented their feelings throughout the day in Internet forums, gatherings, and interviews throughout the Arab and Muslim world and beyond.

“It is a sad moment and also a happy moment,” said Omar Bakri Muhammad, a radical religious leader who was exiled from Britain and spoke by telephone from Lebanon. “Sad because the ummah was in need of such a charismatic leader. Happy moment because, he died as a martyr, he was not humiliated and fought until the last moment.”

Some jihadis expressed doubt that Bin Laden was dead, citing what they called doctored photographs that shot around the Web on Monday. But most conceded that the news appeared to be true. Many insisted that the news was not unexpected, and tried to shift focus to the organization the Qaeda leader helped build.

“Bin Laden is dead, but the movement is not,” said one member of an Al Qaeda affiliate active in North Africa and Europe, speaking by phone Monday. “And if one Osama is dead, there are thousands more Osamas.”

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    The reason why there was no trial is because the FBI has admitted to having no evidence of Osama bin Laden’s involvement. The real reason is that the US war pigs who parade as world police need a break from their inability to actually win a war much less stop terrorists as the future will prove. Obama and all the western world leaders are nothing but a front for the international bankers who don’t give a fig about the lives of soldiers much less innocent civilians. I think the real plotters of 911 were the Bush family and their ilk along with the mega rich Saudis. And were is the proof that the target was actually taken out. Sounds like more flaming corporate media pig bull dung. The USA is morally bankrupt. The beer-head football consciousness that permeates our speech and decision making has led US down the road to perdition. We are all murderers now, thanks to the military-corporate complex. There is no forgiveness for our actions, for allowing the chaos money making machine to be the center of our foreign policy. Our leadership has been co-opted by the not so smart intelligence community that is controlled by the ultra-wealthy who wish to reduce the population of the planet to 500 million by any means: nuclear weapons/power, industrial pollution, patented medicines that do more harm than good, privatized schools with hidden agendas, genetically altered food, fluoridated water, etc. There is no prayer to any god that can correct this situation, it is up to each individual to get up off their lazy butt to make things better.

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