Follow The White House On Foursquare

WHFSWant to know where Obama is? The White House has joined foursquare. You can now follow the president as he checks in Lower Hannah’s Bend Park, Seed Saver’s Exchange and, most recently, Northeast Iowa Community College. Via Information Week:

The White House has joined the Foursquare location-based social networking service, a move that shows again the Obama administration’s support of a more transparent and tech-savvy federal government.

Users of the service–which allows people to virtually “check in” to various businesses, landmarks, and other locations around the globe–can now use the White House Foursquare page to follow President Obama as he travels and uses the service to let people know where he is, according to a White House blog post.

They also can themselves check in to the White House if they are visiting the presidential home or attending an Obama town hall event. The White House also has elected to use the tips feature, which can recommend places the president has visited and share what he did while he was there. It’s also sharing historical information about sites President Obama visits.

President Obama joined the service as he’s embarking on an “economic bus tour” of town hall meetings across the Midwest to find out how the economy is affecting people.

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  1. Anonymous | Aug 18, 2011 at 1:47 am |

    I’m surprised the Secret Service allowed this…

  2. I’m surprised the Secret Service allowed this…

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