IKEA: The Architecture Of Consumer Confusion

Via Information Aesthetics:

Normally architects organize space to make the experience as efficient as possible. At IKEA though, however, the (almost ‘urban’) designers deliberately set out to confuse people. See this phenomenon analyzed [with] various (heat)maps, 3D reconstructions and other illustrations, in a talk (the IKEA case in starts at the 24:30 mark), by Alan Penn (University College London).

The presentation focuses on how architects use space to sell things, by demonstrating how space creates patterns of movement, bringing people into contact with goods. It starts off with how spatial quality influences spatial behavior, which is then applied on urban environments, retail and shopping spaces in general.

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  1. THAT is incredibile. Great video!

  2. THAT is incredibile. Great video!

  3. Anonymous | Oct 8, 2011 at 9:53 am |

    Very Interesting Video for Architecture  .Basically every architect would be made good House .

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