Occupy Goes Suburban

Dallas Skyline & Suburbs

Photo: Andreas Praefcke (CC)

The Occupy movement has spread to rural areas, so it should come as little surprise that it has also spread to suburban areas.  Kevin Fagan writes in the San Francisco Chronicle:

Gerri Field stood with hundreds of protesters in front of Tiffany’s in Walnut Creek this week, railing against economic injustice at the top of her lungs and drawing approving honks from passing cars with her sign, “Heal America, Tax Wall Street.”

For two sunny midday hours, the crowd did its best to “occupy” the busiest intersection in town, Mount Diablo Boulevard and North Main Street, singing “This Land Is Your Land” and denouncing corporate greed and the ultrarich 1 percent.

Then it was time for lunch. Time to put the signs away. No thrown bottles at police. No tear gas or cops in sight. And certainly no tents. “Camping? My idea of camping is a room in the Hyatt,” said Field, a 50-year-old schoolteacher. “That’s not what my protest is about.”

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