‘9/11 Was An Inside Job’ Official Music Video

In response to the “Shit Conspiracy Theorists Say” video here is an awesome and underrated video about the “9/11 Was An Inside Job” meme.

3 Comments on "‘9/11 Was An Inside Job’ Official Music Video"

  1. Cool song! who’s the band?
    Love Cheney on the skins!
    Stopped at 2:07 too bad, wanted to hear the rest.

    Never mind, just found it… Brian Fox Band

  2. Why is the whole cave thing so important to Truthers?  Every single Truth rant contains some variation of the line: “You’re trying to tell us that some guy who lived in a cave did this?”  What, would you find it more plausible if he lived in a bungalow?   A nice semi-detached?  What difference does it make?

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