America’s Bad Girlfriend: Mossad Agents Impersonate CIA To Foment Trouble In Iran

Mossad_sealAnother sad one. I think everybody’s had a Crazy Girlfriend at some time in their youth. It’s all thrills and drama before you’re mature enough to realize that the untraceable charges for men’s clothing on your cedit card and cryptic messages on your answering machine are signs of a deep, deep feeback loop of Daddy Problems, self-loathing and manipulation. Unwitingly you’ve signed yourselves up to play the roles of abuse victim/avenger and rescuer/cuckold.

Few of us have had totally ideal childhoods, but self-aware people usually get past this stuff by the time they’ve graduated college. The scipts get more and more alike and the Law of Diminishing Returns kicks in.

If you’re altruistic types you’ll try to talk through the whole thing rationally before retreating to your separate corners in order to get your heads together. Ideally you’ll be able to part on friendly terms, but more often there are some undignified scenes ahead, complete with gouged eye sockets and your shame forever documented in a police report. From Haaretz:

Israeli Mossad agents posed as CIA officers in order to recruit members of a Pakistani terror group to carry out assassinations and attacks against the regime in Iran, Foreign Policy revealed on Friday, quoting U.S. intelligence memos.

Foreign Policy’s Mark Perry reported that the Mossad operation was carried out in 2007-2008, behind the back of the U.S. government, and infuriated then U.S. President George W. Bush.

Perry quotes a number of American intelligence officials and claims that the Mossad agents used American dollars and U.S. passports to pose as CIA spies to try to recruit members of Jundallah, a Pakistan-based Sunni extremist organization that has carried out a series of attacks in Iran and assassinations of government officials.

According to the report, Israel’s recruitment attempts took place mostly in London, right under the nose of U.S. intelligence officials.

“It’s amazing what the Israelis thought they could get away with,” Foreign Policy quoted an intelligence officer as saying. “Their recruitment activities were nearly in the open. They apparently didn’t give a damn what we thought.”…

[continues at Haaretz]

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16 Comments on "America’s Bad Girlfriend: Mossad Agents Impersonate CIA To Foment Trouble In Iran"

  1. It was my understanding that CIA and Israeli Mossad were one in the same. Something doesn’t add up. 

  2. You mean Israel used us?  Shocking.  

  3. marklar_primus | Jan 27, 2012 at 4:38 pm |

    What’s a little impersonation from a country that has attacked us, spied on us, and stolen radioactive materials for it’s nuclear weapons from us. It’s like complaining that the arsonist who burned down your house made a crank call using your cell phone as well.

  4. Mossad CIA – whatever … they’re all evil fucks.

  5. google the U.S.S. liberty and google israelis dance on roof top on 9/11

  6. ‎”В Евразии сосредоточено 75% мирового населения и энергетических ресурсов. 60% промышленного производства.Коллективно потенциальная мощь Евразии значительно превосходит Америку.Ключ к Евразии находится в России.Тот,кто владеет Россией, владеет Евразией.Тот, кто владеет Евразией -владеет миром”.1903 год.Британец Макиндер.

    Поразительно,но очевидно,что вся американская политика 20 века оказывается воплощением идей Мэхэна – Макиндера.В двух мировых войнах Соединенные Штаты хитрыми манипуляциями не допускают образования союза стран Евразии и, напротив, инициируют бойню между Россией – Советским Союзом,Германией,Францией,Китаем и Японией.

    В первых двух мировых войнах Морскому охвату Евразии противостоят в основном немецкие подводники и японский флот.В Третьей мировой/Холодной войне, после того,как Германия и Япония фактически попадают в вассальную зависимость от США,последним реальным препятствием для столь вожделенной победы над СССР становятся советские подводники.

    Так начинается одна из самых неизвестных битв Третьей мировой/Холодной войны – битва атомных подлодок в северных морях и подо льдами Арктики – последнем рубеже обороны от решающей атаки Анаконды.

    • gwen jackson | Jan 27, 2012 at 11:55 pm |

      I have no idea what you said, but I admire your passion. and Israel sucks my asshole.

    • sonicbphuct | Jan 29, 2012 at 12:10 pm |

      Via the wonderful world of Google Translate (with some spaces between periods, commas, etc.):

      Eurasia, concentrated 75% of the world population and energy resources.
      60% of industrial production. Collectively, the potential power of
      Eurasia, far beyond America. The key to Eurasia is Russia. Who owns
      Russia, owns Eurasia. Anyone who owns a Eurasia-owns the world” . 1903. Briton Mackinder.

      Amazingly, it is obvious that all of American politics is the embodiment of 20th century ideas of Mahan – Mackinder. In
      two world wars the United States do not allow artful manipulation of
      the Union and the countries of Eurasia, by contrast, initiates slaughter
      between Russia – Soviet Union, Germany, France, China and Japan.

      In the first two world wars, Marine coverage Eurasia opposed mainly by German submarine and the Japanese fleet. In
      the Third World / Cold War, after Germany and Japan actually get a
      vassal of the United States, the last real obstacle to such a coveted
      victory over the Soviet Union became the Soviet submariners.

      begins one of the most unknown battles of the Third World / Cold War –
      the Battle of nuclear submarines in the northern seas and under the ice
      of the Arctic – the last line of defense against critical attacks
      Anaconda.————-Sonicbphuct now says – OK, that’s cool. But I don’t see the relationship with Mossad, the CIA, etc.

  7. gwen jackson | Jan 27, 2012 at 11:53 pm |

    FUCK israel. i HOPE Iran gets nuclear bombs. and if you’re ever tempted to rescue an innocent baby from a “genocide”, don’t fucking bother; it will only grow up to be more evil than the ones you rescued it from.

  8. FuxWithForx | Jan 28, 2012 at 4:21 am |

    Please stop assuming all your readership is male.

    • Derp I dont get it | Jan 29, 2012 at 1:42 am |

      1st I thought u were from Korea….. is “readership” a word? According to spellchecker, yes it is. Learned something today.

    • sonicbphuct | Jan 29, 2012 at 12:16 pm |

      it’s funny – as I was reading this, and of course, heavily identifying with the opener, I thought, I wonder what the equivalent for women would be. Which of course led to the avalanche of thoughts regarding how women might see the opener.

      Its funny to me because i’ve often thought of Amerikkka as one of two characters – the womanizing man who is in love with himself, or the free-spirited woman who insists on an open (read: cuckold) relationship.

      anyway, off topic but still strikes me as funny.

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