Bed Bath & Beyond’s Radioactive Tissue Boxes

Bed Bath Beyond Tissue BoxWell, at least that colds of yours won’t stand a chance with irradiated tissues. Mike Adams reports at Natural News:

The Dual Ridge Metal Boutique tissue boxes sold at Bed, Bath & Beyond stores have been discovered to be radioactive. Made with the extremely dangerous material used to blast cancer tumors with radiation — cobalt-60 — they emit gamma rays that are known to cause both cancer and infertility. They were manufactured in India, shipped on a commercial container to New Jersey, and then distributed to Bed, Bath & Beyond stores in 20 states.

How much radiation do these tissue holders emit, exactly? Nuclear Regulatory Commission spokesman David McIntyre said, on the record, that standing near one of these tissue holders for 30 minutes a day would expose you to the equivalent of “a couple of chest X-Rays” each year. The Illinois Emergency Management Agency went even further, issuing a release stating that every 10 hours spent near the product would expose you to the equivalent of one chest X-Ray (…).

In case you were wondering, a chest X-Ray is not a small dose of radiation.

Ever since Fukushima, the corporate-run media has downplayed the risks of radiation exposure, and now they’re claiming that these radioactive products are “no big deal” because they “only” expose you to the equivalent of multiple chest X-Rays each year.

What if a customer has this on their nightstand, near their head, and they’re sleeping next to it for 8 hours a night? That means they’d be getting nearly the equivalent radiation of a chest X-Ray each night for 365 nights a year!…

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2 Comments on "Bed Bath & Beyond’s Radioactive Tissue Boxes"

  1. It’s amazing what we allow to be sold in stores!

    They’re also irradiating our food!

    My real question is: This “Cobalt 60” is used for:
    Blasting cancerous tumors w/ radiation, I assume to kill the cancer cells…
    And also causes cancer?

    I’m confused

  2. Wow…bet that ten bucks off the final price of the per unit product total…was well worth exposing countless people to radiation from tainted goods. And people still wonder why companies flock to move overseas? Our wages are a part of it…our regulations are the rest of it. They paint a picture of regulation as ‘bad’ or unnecessary…but the truth is this: those regulations, as ridiculous as they sound to us now, came into being because generations before us had learned the hard way…corporations, even small ones, when left to their own devices and guided by their own judgment, ALWAYS put quality and safety dead last behind profit. Until we break away from our modern fantasyland notion that corps do whats right for no particular reason except inherent nobility of spirit…this shit will keep on happening, whether we make the products here or anywhere else.

    And heres a side note for the anti-terrorism/crime hawks of the world: Pay attention fuckwits! There’s one giant loophole for smuggling that always gets missed while you’re busy reaming out teenagers with inappropriate handbags or artists with unusual shirt because they might be smuggling something onto a  commercial airliner. Corporate shipping. With enough money to smooth over transit issues and inspection…apparently they can ship in a few tons of radioactive materials without anyone noticing until its been in peoples homes. Take a wild guess at why that happened. If all you can do is hassle grannies and grope babies at the airport because Congress is well paid to ignore any real loose ends that might inhibit business as usual…serious smugglers will immediately use whatever ‘sacred cow’ is considered above reproach. Its what they do. So heres a notion that might help: you want real security…fire all the molesters and ex-fry cooks from the TSA…and invest in real port security, inspecting corporate merchandise even when the papers look legit. You’d be amazed how much drug trafficking and human smuggling you could stop cold if you could be bothered to actually look for crimes where they really happen.

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