Could There Be A FEMA Rendition Site At LAX Airport?

Alex Jones presents newly exposed footage filmed at LAX airport in Los Angeles confirming a ‘rendition hub’ capable of processing thousands of people per hour from straight off the tarmac and other transportation points.

Further, Alex dredges up video clips of other facilities used in the past for mass containment of dissenters- from Pier 57 in New York City used to detain those rounded-up during mass arrests at the 2004 Republican National Convention to the former Mueller Airport facility in Austin which news clips exposed had been converted to hold mass arrestees to the Sand Point Naval Station in Seattle used for 1999 WTO protesters.

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  1. RedHerring | Jan 30, 2012 at 5:08 pm |

    No. The shotty evidence really is a distraction from actual wrongdoing. Sometimes I wonder if Alex Jones is just off his anti-psychotic meds or on the government’s payroll.

    • Times like these, Executive Order 11051 seems promising for FEMA

      • Odd considering that was a Kennedy order “1962: Executive Order 11051 was revoked by Executive Order 12148: Specifies the duties and responsibilities of the Office of Emergency Planning
        and gives authorization to put ALL executive orders into effect in
        times deemed to be of increased international tension, economic crisis,
        and/or financial crisis” – Wikipedia
        Executive Order 12148 was an executive order enacted by President Jimmy Carter on July 20, 1979 to transfer and reassign duties to the newly formed agency, known as the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), – Wikipedia (AGAIN!!!)

        I pity the state of modern trolldom Google and Wikipedia are just killing the industry.

    • “shotty evidence”  I’m guessing you didn’t actually watch the presentation or follow up on any of the government papers describing the enaction of such types of rendition centers.  

      NDAA is not designed to disappear people at all, heck they just threw that in there for a laugh. 

      Can’t really take anything you say seriously as you’ve said basically nothing.  No police state here, move along…

    • Calypso_1 | Jan 31, 2012 at 4:15 pm |

      For a look at detention and rendition that is actually occurring I’d suggest American Gulag: Inside U.S. Immigration Prisons by Mark Dow. This system has quietly been pushed to record breaking capacity under the Obama administration. Now thanks to Kris Kobach and The Federation for American Immigration Reform expect to hear more cries for Voluntary Deportation under ‘Attrition through Enforcement’ – which is a 21st century way to say “Don’t let the sun set on you in this town Wetback.”

  2. Mamagriff50 | Jan 30, 2012 at 5:45 pm |

    Scary……….When does the revolution start? Or is this in preperation for 12-21-12?

    • I think we are amidst the revolution.  I support Ron Paul as he is the only politician of note speaking out against NDAA, Endless War, and The Federal Reserve.  Outside of that if you need help getting involved feel free to message me. ><

      • RedHerring | Jan 30, 2012 at 7:22 pm |

        Not really seeing much of a revolution, unless it’s a revolution against sanity.

  3. Mr Willow | Jan 30, 2012 at 11:35 pm |

    I’ve never been one to trust Alex Jones. It could be his strange rants involving everything from aliens to mind control, usually involving them in some sort of clandestine global takeover by socialists, Masons, and/or devil worshipers. Oh, and DMT. Lots of DMT. 

    It could be that whenever he actually says something worthy of note it is, again, always involved in the global conspiracy to impose martial law orchestrated by every clandestine organisation from the Illuminati to the Rosicrucians. 

    But I think that it’s probably that amid all his world-event-connection-making, where the media is the tool of somebody, who’s the tool of somebody else, who’s the tool of somebody else, all the governments are colluded together, and we’re on the brink of total, overt, oppressive tyranny, he never gives a method of resistance. He doesn’t ever tell you what to do in response. 

    I don’t doubt that there are conspiracies. You can see one in the methods by which Civilisation as a whole operates (which doesn’t necessarily mean all the ‘elites’ conspired to make it that way). But all he turns out to be, in my opinion, is a fear-monger. 

    What to do ’till Revolution. . . ? 

    • Watch his interview with Russel Means:

      I am not an Alex Jones fan, but there was an interesting moment here.  Alex asks Russel, “What can we do to stop this?”  I suspect Alex has no idea what to do – he is already doing what he can and it’s not working.  The guy is off his rocker in many ways but I think he is genuinely concerned about the American situation.  While I place no credibility in his predictions, since he’s been proven wrong countless times, he is still going out there with a camera, asking tough questions, while the mainstream media is totally complacent and docile.  So you have to give him props for that.  He has a courage that most of us don’t.

      • Mamagriff50 | Jan 31, 2012 at 12:45 pm |

        Yes! Atlaest he does ask the tough questions, unlike the other media who think it is so important that we know what Brad and Anglina are doing today. Thankyou Alex.

        • He has made millions,, selling fear and bipassing any real chance of helping american people. He use’s god as a backbone to this BS. Any of you conspricay guys ever think the reason he filmed bohemian grove was becuase he was invited? The film is out why haven’t they taken it down. You can BUY a copy of it from his website. Thanks for just trying to help america alex.

    • Considering what is taking place before us I can forgive Alex for using appeal to fear to often.  Again imagine your house were on fire, do you want the soothing tones of your local NPR correspondent lulling you back to sleep or do you want a rooting’est tooting’est Texan prompt you to “Wake Up” so that you can get yourself and family and friends to safety.  
      I prefer the latter.  Also yes Alex may be somewhat clueless on certain topics, given the scope of the material he covers I can forgive him for not having smoked DMT and having vestigial religious programming that may prevent him from ever having such an experience.

      He actually does encourage people everyday to do many things such as become involved in their local politics, to organize, to share information far and wide that mainstream media will not about a variety of crucial issues they ignore totally or laugh off like the lap dogs they are. (9/11, Building 7, OKC, FEMA, NDAA, ACTA, Chemtrails, GMO, BPA, Fluouride, etc, etc etc).

      So again I must disagree with your objection because I don’t find it to be true that “he never gives a method of resistance”.  Perhaps you are not listening or unwilling to get involved, but it is not because, “he never gives a method”.

      I disagree with Alex when it comes to his perspective on Freemasonry (I feel he is overly biased towards conspiratorial angles possibly again due to his “christian” beliefs)

      Yet I can understand because observing the cremation of care ceremonies, understanding the history of King David, who sacrificed thousands of his own children to appease Moloch and gain worldly power and then observing the modern enslavement and  institutionalized abuse of thousands and thousands of children by the CPS, UN, Dyncorp and “philanthropic” organizations like the “Second Mile”, “BoysTown”, and countless other predations evidenced in the Catholic Church and the Franklin cover up, again it  is understandable how someone willing to not only investigate but to testify and speak out against such crimes may get emotional every now and then and may make connections that are more tenuous than he had imagined.  There again there are anti-masons worshipping the tree of life I have heard.  Kinda hard to pin those guys down but perhaps this could be.  Who knows..

      He has proven that the American people are ready for real media and has inspired countless indy media creators to first take up the microphone, camera, or editing suite (or all three) and do their part to speak out against the very real Treason and Tyranny before us.

      Again in contrast with the Mockingbird media presstitutes who will say or read anything they are told to with no thought for it’s validity or effect, I will take an angry Texan ranting about ethics, integrity, and the golden anyday of the week.  Even if i have to listen to the same damn ads for soap, nut protecting jeans, guns or gold.

      God Bless America and Rooting Tooting Texans like Alex Jones and Michael Badnarik.   

      • Mr Willow | Jan 31, 2012 at 3:05 pm |

        He actually does encourage people everyday to do many things such as become involved in their local politics, to organize, to share information far and wide that mainstream media will not about a variety of crucial issues they ignore totally or laugh off like the lap dogs they are.

        Point taken. 

        But I have no faith left in politics, local or otherwise. There isn’t a person involved in public policy that can make any sort of real difference, because everything around them is so rotten and putrid that they have to keep their eyes shut to keep from vomiting, and even if that one person were afforded, or claimed, a position of real influence, their ‘colleagues’ would make damn sure they wouldn’t be able to do any good, or they would end up dead. 

        In the end, it will come down to a total and complete rejection of the system by which we live. Occupy began this, which is why corporate and governmental authoritarianism is steadily increasing. Sooner or later, however, the proverbial hammer has to drop, meaning we will have to boycott the system—to refuse to participate in it or actively proclaim that it must change—or bring it crashing down around us. 

        And something tells me the aristocrats will not allow the former to occur.

  4. He sure looked upset.

  5. At the end of the day, when you build a bunch of permanent facilities for mass arrest and denial of due process, you have built a whole bunch of facilities for mass arrest and denial of due process.
    One thing is for certain they are doing everything they can to criminalise any kind of protest. They are ramping up penalties, play loose with conspiracy charges and so free with the terrorism term as to make it a criminal penalty for being poor.
    They are also accelerating for profit corporate run prison slave labour schemes. Just hum the theme for ‘cops’ until they come for you because they are short of labour at some prison camp.

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