Dennis Miller On Freedom of Speech (Video)

Post 9/11 (circa 2002):

  • Camron Wiltshire

    If you thought Dennis Miller was unfunny before….

  • D.D.B.

    Speaking of hypocrisy… how about a comedian(sic) who can’t shut up about his right wing views?
    Oh maybe I mean oxymoron.
    Oh maybe I mean moron!

  • steve

    Hey, I’m American. Foreigners names are hard to pronounce…and often ridiculous. Unlike, say, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney.

    Isn’t there also, like, a superhero called, um, Wolf Blitzer? 

  • Rooti

    Just another worthless Neocon.

  • Broken_Finger

    This may have been the last reasonable thing Dennis Miller ever said (of which I am aware).  He was even kind of funny in this clip.  

  • DeepCough

    “Touchier than a Vatican summer camp.” LULZ

    What happened to you, Dennis Miller, you used to be cool, man.

    (Oh, wait, your contract with the “liberal” channel HBO ran out.)

  • Honu

    For a guy so smart it’s kind of incredible that he lost his #%&$^ entirely to the extent that he couldn’t even look at the events objectively.  Gave up his smug sense of superior intelligence for an emotional knee jerk reaction and became a right wing paranoid. 

    Taking the likely possibility that 9-11 didn’t happen the way the official story says it did, out of the equation, how about considering the US’s foreign policies of the last 50 years including black ops/CIA backed operations.  It might give you a small sense of why they ‘hate’ us. I’m not defending our so called enemies but I’m not a child that sees the world in black and white either.

    • Camron Wiltshire

      Intelligence is relative.  How intelligent can someone be who  places ideology before logic?  Of course because most Americans are trained to revere anyone with power, money, or fame then through that interpretation I guess one could describe him as “intelligent”.  He is smart enough not to get fired like Bill Maher and to kiss the asses of the war mongers in his ‘cute’ little paean to the state and military industrial complex.

      Miller like so so many who have gone “Hollywood” cares more about his own ego than the truth.

      Yo Dennis.  Explain Building 7’s implosion.  It’s rather obvious what it means and no amount of smug self satisfied schtick can hide it.  

      Also if you are so fucking tough why don’t you go fight?  Another Hollywood blowhard who plays ‘tough guy’ for the working masses transfixed by his flickering hypnosis.

      For anyone still on the fence as to whether we have been told the truth about 9/11.  Please watch the documentary “Experts Speak Out”
      and be sure to have an open mind when doing so.

      That goes for your too Dennis, should you emerge from your head trip in time.

      I  would give you the benefit of the doubt, except so much bluster over such a prolonged period does not make it likely you will have any conversions anytime soon.

      Money keeps many from seeing the obvious.  

    • gwen jackson

      He’s not intelligent if everything he says is fucking stupid. You just thought he was smart because for the first half of his career he was saying words that writers had scripted for him. Now that he speaks for himself you can see what a stupid crabby old prick he is.

  • gwen jackson

    This neocon shithead hasn’t had anything funny or intelligent to say since the SNL writers were putting words in his mouth. Now he suck’s Bill O’reilly’s dick for a living. Just pathetic and sad.